Top 10 online jobs for students

Top 10 online jobs for students without work experience

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Recruiters in all domains prefer candidates with some work experience. But how can you be experienced if no one gives you a job? Worry not! You can now find ample job opportunities online. Keep reading to learn about the top online jobs for students and how to get them!

Gaining some work experience while you are still studying prepares you for the future. Whether you work part-time or intern at a firm, you become accustomed to how things work in the industry of your interest. You learn to manage your time, finances, and learn a good deal about yourself. Plus, you also have room to explore your interests while making money! College students often prefer working part-time at fast-food chains, libraries, or grocery stores to make additional income. But online jobs are also a great option for students because they have no time or place constraints. There are also plenty of avenues to explore, skills to learn, and opportunities to gain valuable experience.

Listed below are the ten best online job options for students- 

1. Online tutor 

The job of an online tutor is perfect for students. You can choose any subject or skill that you are well versed with and teach those in need. With the internet becoming a primary source of information, online teaching is one of the most lucrative jobs today. Online tutoring platforms like Udemy, Coursera, EdX, etc. let you share your knowledge and enable you to make some good money out of it. 

The average remuneration you can expect as an online tutor is between $14-$20 per hour.

2. Blogger 

A blogger is someone who keeps a regular record of their experiences, opinions, and ideas on the internet. This job is fitting for you if you have immaculate language skills and a knack for writing. Before you start blogging, though, it is important that you discover your niche. This can be anything from fashion to traveling, cooking or even your experience as a college student. However, it could take a while to establish your blog and make decent money with it.

If you would rather prefer speaking about your ideas and opinions, then starting a podcast will work well for you. With recording apps and platforms like Anchor, it is easy to create and publish a podcast. However, you may have to wait till you start making a good income.

The pay in these roles depends on how well you market and collaborate with brands to monetize your content.  

3. Content writer 

One of the best online jobs for students is content writing. Can you write alluring words that compel people to buy a product or read your blog post? Then you can surely make some good side money in this domain. There are plenty of jobs you can find as a content writer, both part-time and freelance, and in any industry of your choice.

Content writing is one of the highest-paying jobs for students, where the average pay is somewhere between $50 to $500 per article.

4. Graphic designer 

If you are someone who is keenly interested in creating digital art or visual aids, then graphic designing could be just the right fit for you.

Creative Design Creativity Drawing Concept
Graphic designing is an in-demand domain with immense opportunities.

Visual aids play a huge role especially in advertising and many firms today require graphic designers for the same. Graphic designers are employed in various industries and you can easily find something that suits you.

The average pay you can expect as a graphic designer is $25-$55 per hour.

5. Data entry agent 

Data entry jobs do not require any specific skill or huge time investment. This job is great for those already burdened with coursework and in need of some extra money. All you need is an above-average typing speed and you are all set!

This job can pay you around $10-$17 per hour. 

6. Social media manager 

The easiest and the best online jobs for students today are in social media. You are already an expert at navigating social media and understanding how it works. There are many organizations, especially startups, that are in need of freshers to handle their social media channels. As a social media manager, you will be expected to curate engaging content, analyze post insights, and drive new leads. You can start off by taking up freelance gigs and learn more about the role with time. If you want to pursue marketing in the future, then experience as a social media manager would be super useful. 

As a fresher, you can make somewhere between $15-$40 per hour as a social media manager.

7. Web developer 

The software industry is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying industries with new businesses constantly evolving in the market.

best online jobs for students - web developer
The best online jobs for students are those that provide them with worthwhile skills and experience.

The employment rate of web developers is much faster than the average for all occupations since all businesses require a website and someone to run it smoothly. As a web developer, you can choose to work part-time or offer your services to local businesses.  

The average pay for a front-end and a back-end web developer is between $60-$80 per hour, however for a full-stack web developer, it is between $80-$100 per hour.

8. Video editor

The demand for video editors is increasing now more than ever, as more and more people today enjoy watching video content. The rate of content consumption online is already growing exponentially. In order to fulfill this need, you need to have the skill for enhancing videos and be well versed with editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightworks, etc. as well as different operating systems needed to become a good video editor.

Depending on your experience and editing skills, this job could pay you anywhere between $30 to $150 per hour.  

9. Virtual Assistant

Organizing and managing administrative tasks is a challenge for many. The job of a virtual assistant is to counter these challenges and ensure the smooth functioning of businesses. It requires skills like solid communication, organization, paperwork, scheduling meetings, enhancing customer services. If you are confident in these skills and already have experience as an organizer or a volunteer for events in your high school or college, then you can easily be hired as a virtual assistant. 

A Virtual Assistant is usually paid between $30 to $50 per hour.

10. Online survey jobs

Big companies now pay people to take surveys so that they can better understand their customers and enhance their services. This can be a great side job since it is not as time-consuming and you only need to answer a few questions. However, these online surveys are not always consistent. Sometimes, they target a specific group of the demographic and you may not be eligible to take them at all.

best online jobs for students - online surveys
One of the easiest remote jobs is taking online surveys.

You can either earn gift cards or make between $50 to $500 per month.

More about online jobs for students

Still clueless about which job suits you best? Feel free to reach out to us for more guidance. If you are willing to work part-time or need to know more about some high-paying jobs, you can find this info and much more in our blogs

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