How to study in Canada for free or on a low budget

One of the best destinations for higher education, Canada has a great education system, a welcoming community, and tons of job opportunities for international students. But studying in this can be an expensive affair. Unless you follow these simple guidelines and learn how to study in Canada for free. Canada is quickly rising to become the best destination for studying abroad. It is more affordable than other English-speaking countries, offers amazing ...

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Riya Shah Student experiences in Fleming College, Canada

Student experiences | Riya Shah’s study abroad diaries

Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations for most international students studying abroad. Read on as Riya Shah, an international student at Fleming College, Canada, regales us with details from her study abroad diaries. Fleming College is one of the best colleges in Canada, renowned for programs such as business, environmental sciences, social services, etc. Finding the right university that fits your budget, your scores, and your preferences, is ...

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