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Student experiences | Riya Shah’s study abroad diaries

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Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations for most international students studying abroad. Read on as Riya Shah, an international student at Fleming College, Canada, regales us with details from her study abroad diaries.

Fleming College is one of the best colleges in Canada, renowned for programs such as business, environmental sciences, social services, etc. Finding the right university that fits your budget, your scores, and your preferences, is a difficult task. By reading about other international students’ accounts, we get a better idea of how to prepare and plan for our journey. To help you along, here’s an account of Riya Shah’s study abroad diaries where she tells us about life at Fleming College, accommodation options abroad, part-time jobs in Canada, and many such topics!

1) What scores did she need to get into Fleming College?

Riya tells us that she just needed to submit her IELTS and GPA scores along with other pertinent documents, for her program admission in the Fleming College. After preparing for about a month for IELTS, Riya had a solid IELTS score of 7 out of 9 and a GPA of 2.8 out of 4.

2) Did she apply for any part-time/ full-time jobs?

Like most colleges in Canada, Fleming helps students develop a career plan and assists them in their job search

Riya says that while working part-time jobs is certainly allowed, the university has some very strict rules about the amount of working hours put in. “We can work only 20 hours a week. That is so that we can focus and concentrate on our studies along with work”, Riya tells us. Fleming college also supports students and graduates by helping them find part-time, full-time and summer employment.

3) What type of accommodation did she opt for- On-campus or Off-campus?

“I prefer off-campus accommodation as it gives you much more freedom and ability to explore and experience life independently. I have rented a house here with my friends and live off-campus”, Riya says. That being said, like most colleges, Fleming provides several on-campus housing options to students, which you can apply for.

4) How is the college culture?

A maple leaf help in from of Fleming college main building
Fleming College, Canada, has set up several committees to help international students adjust well academically, culturally and socially

Riya says that it’s a mixed culture with a majority of Indians. All the professors at Fleming are very friendly and highly helpful. She also tells us that there are various committees for international students. ‘These committees make sure to help us during the time of our difficulties”, she adds.

5) Word of advice for students who dream of studying abroad?

When asked this question, Riya gives us some valuable advice from her study abroad diaries. Many students choose an institution based on its reputation, without taking a look at other relevant criteria. Riya tells us,

Choose your course, your college, and your study abroad destination, wisely. If you have the option, also decide which city is the most favorable for you. All these factors make up your study abroad experience and it’s very important to choose properly.

6) How do you usually spend your leisure time?

The best way to spend your leisure time is to save up some funds and set out on an exploration of the city around you

There are several things you can do in your leisure time while studying in Canada. Riya chose to travel the surrounding outdoors. Ontario is a beautiful place to roam and explore. Along with that, Riya says that Fleming College provides students with a membership to their wellness center. There is also a lakeside park in the vicinity of the college and several trails that you can explore within the campus of the college. 

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