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Top 10 Universities for MBA in Australia | Rank, Salaries, Fees, & more!

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Due to its rich culture and higher university acceptance rate, Australia is one of the best countries for MBA. Thinking of studying in Australia? Take a look at these top universities for MBA in Australia.

Completing your MBA from Australia entails brighter career prospects irrespective of where you live after completing the degree. Australia is a very famous and popular destination for most students due to its high quality of education, a variety of programs offered, world-famous universities, high acceptance rate despite backlogs, and excellent immigration policies. If you’re thinking of pursuing an MBA abroad, particularly in Australia, you’re in the right place! We’ve made a list of some of the top universities for MBA in Australia that students should consider. For your convenience, we have also covered information about common factors like MBA fees in Australia, the salary of MBA jobs in Australia, possibilities of MBA in Australia without work experience, etc.!

1) Melbourne Business School

Melbourne business school
The average GMAT score for a full-time MBA in Melbourne business school is 703

Melbourne Business School is one of the best Australian business schools and one of the top ones in the world. The MBA program of the school hosts nearly 77% international students. This means there is a good chance for you to get admission as an overseas student. The MBA program is designed in line with modern workplace requirements with many traveling and internship opportunities for students.

QS World University Rankings place Melbourne Business School’s MBA program ranks 26th worldwide. The full fee of the program lingers around $100,000 to $110,000 USD. The approximate salary of an MBA graduate from Melbourne Business School is more than $100,000 USD.

2) Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM)

UNSW- Australian Graduate School of Management
AGSM is the business school for the University of New South Wales(UNSW) and the avg. salary for a full-time MBA graduate is 85,000 USD

AGSM is another prestigious postgrad business institute based in Sydney. If you are worried about a high MBA fee in Australia, then apply for admissions at this institute. It offers $1.8 million AUD worth of scholarships every year to the eligible students enrolled in its full-time MBA program. The fee of AGSM’s 12-month MBA program is around $60k-$70k. QS puts AGSM’s MBA at the  42nd position in its global MBA program ranking.

3) Monash Business School

Monash Business Schools
The average employment rate for Full-time MBA students is a solid 94%

If you want to enroll in an MBA program that is full of experience-based modules, project consultation, and on-ground engagements, then Monash Business School, part of Monash University, can be your destination. Unlike the majority of international MBA programs, this one is 24-month long. In QS’s ranking of global MBA programs, this one ranks among the top 100 universities.

The fee of Monash Business School is around $65,000, which is pretty reasonable, given that it is a 2-year program. According to the university’s own report, the average salary of Monash Business School’s MBA is around 104,654 USD.


4) The University of Queensland

University of Queensland
The average salary for full-time MBA students at the University of Queensland is 114,006 USD

The University of Queensland is another good option to pursue MBA in Australia without work experience. The entry test of UQ is also relatively easier than many other top Australian universities. The fee of the program is also quite reasonable. International students have to pay $50,000 – $60,000 for the full MBA program at the University of Queensland and its global MBA rank lingers around 110 and 120.

5) Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Macquarie Business School
The average salary post a Full-time MBA at Macquarie Business School is 95,741 USD

Macquarie Graduate School of Management offers a comprehensive global business program that even provides exchange programs in some cases. If you are already working in the field and want to bolster your career, then the MBA program of Macquarie Graduate School of Management can come in really useful. As an international student, it will cost you around $55,000 USD for the full fee payment of the program. The Economist ranks Macquarie Graduate School of Management’s MBA program among the top 50 global MBA programs.



6) The University of Western Australia’s Business School

The University of Western Australia's Business School
UWA Business School has a high average of post-MBA salary at 136,520 USD

If you want to enroll in a well-accredited MBA program in Australia, then try to get admission at The University of Western Australia’s Business School. Its MBA program is accredited by both the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and the European Quality Improvement System. The global ranking of its MBA program revolves around 131-140 and it has a really great avg. employment rate of 94% after an MBA. For international students, the fee of the MBA program at The University of Western Australia’s Business School seems pretty reasonable. The full MBA program costs you around $49,000 USD.


7) ANU College of Business and Economics

Australian National University's College of Business and Economics
ANU’s College of Business and Economics has an exceptional average of 100% as its employment rate after MBA

ANU College of Business and Economics blazed a new trail along with a Dutch institute and introduced a one-of-its-kind, evidence-based graduate business program two years ago. This Business and Economics School in Canberra is one of the favorite destinations for international MBA students. ANU’s MBA program ranks among the top 150 MBA programs in the QS ranking. The fee of the full MBA program is around $41,000.

8) Deakin Business School

Deakin Business School
The fee for the full MBA program at Deakin Business School is around $40k-$50k

Deakin Business School, an extension of Deakin University, offers an MBA program with an excellent career development module. If you want to have a strong shot of placement at an esteemed organization after completing your MBA, Deakin’s program is a good option. The online MBA at Deakin Business School is also worth mentioning. QS Ranking system ranks it as the best online MBA of Australia and the 16th of the entire world.

9) La Trobe University


This university is situated in Melbourne and known for its research-intensive postgrad programs. Its MBA is also considered one of the best among all the universities for MBA in Australia. International students who are finding it difficult to fulfill the MBA requirement in other top universities must try their luck at La Trobe. La Trobe’s Accelerator program is also worth mentioning. It encourages students to come with great start-up ideas. The university also doles out grants up to $20,000 AUD for the winning ideas. The annual tuition fee at La Trobe is around $28,000 USD.

10) RMIT University

RMIT university
This university has an average GMAT score requirement of 550 which is considerably lower than most universities

RMIT University is a public university based in Melbourne. It is popular among international students for its Graduate School of Business which is one of the top institutes of business management studies in the entire Asia Pacific region. The global MBA ranking of RMIT’s business school is solidly among the top 200 MBA programs in the world. The full fee of the MBA program for international students lingers around $60,000 USD.

To find out more about top universities for MBA in Australia and the process of applying, you can always get in touch with iSchoolConnect.  We are study abroad experts that help students throughout the admissions process by helping them find the right program and universities across the globe.

To find out more about top universities for MBA in Australia and the process of applying, all you have to do is get in touch with iSchoolConnect. We help international students like you who dream of studying abroad in countries like Australia, find the perfect university and program based on your scores and preferences. From finding the right program which suits your preferences, choosing the right university based on your scores, applying to these universities, and so much more! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

(Kindly note that all monetary figures mentioned in the blog above are in US Dollars)

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