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Updated on Sep 6, 2022

The GMAT exam requires a laser-focus approach and a clear plan of action while preparing for the test. You have the option of self-studying or enrolling in a coaching centre. Both techniques are acceptable; it just depends on the method that best suits you.

To determine the best method for preparing for the GMAT, you must first consider your strengths and weaknesses and prepare a study plan based on them. You'll need reliable GMAT books and resources, as well as the drive and self-discipline to be able to study efficiently on your own. If time is limited and expert help is required to gain a competitive edge in GMAT exam preparation, enrolling in a GMAT tutoring facility (online or offline) should be considered.

GMAT preparation techniques require your undivided attention and a clear study plan.

GMAT preparation advice includes not just how to prepare for the GMAT's subject content but also how to grasp the test's general structure. To ace the GMAT, you must not only understand the principles and how to apply them but also know how to structure your preparation.

Let's check out some of the most effective GMAT preparation methods that can help you get excellent GMAT scores.

Table of Contents

1 Prepare a study plan according to the sections

It's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the GMAT exam's pattern before making a study plan. The test is divided into four segments:

Analytical Writing Assessment: This segment assesses your ability to think critically and explain your ideas/thoughts.

Integrated Reasoning: This portion assesses your ability to evaluate and comprehend information presented in a variety of formats.

Quantitative Reasoning: This portion assesses your ability to think quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, and comprehend graphs.

Verbal Reasoning: This exam assesses your reading comprehension, editing skills, and ability to comprehend written arguments.

2 GMAT study material

Use reliable study material such as GMAT Official study resources to effectively prepare and mimic the real test-taking experience. The GMAT official study resources employ the same GMAT scoring mechanism as the original test and feature authentic questions from previous tests because they were prepared by the GMAT's creators.

  • GMAT Official Guide 2021 

  • Manhattan Prep GMAT—Integrated Reasoning, Verbal & Quant

  • Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 

  • GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review 

  • Manhattan Prep GMAT foundation for Maths 

Most GMAT coaching institutions allow you to receive practice papers, tailored prep courses, flexible hours, video explanations, doubt-clearing sessions, and personal interaction with specialists. These institutions provide both online and classroom GMAT coaching.

Regular practice sessions are required in addition to GMAT online preparation and GMAT online practice exams. GMAT practice test papers provide free GMAT preparation with a variety of sample questions and PDFs. By solving different GMAT practice test papers, candidates can gain an understanding of question types, gauge their strong and weak points, and manage time effectively.

Candidates can begin their GMAT preparation by practicing an array of sample questions, enrolling in GMAT coaching online, consulting preparation materials, and attending GMAT classes.

3 Time management

Managing time effectively is critical to your GMAT achievement since you only have limited time to attempt all the questions. If you know the Verbal segment will be difficult for you, for example, work on improving your verbal abilities while also ensuring that you can execute them fast.

Start keeping track of time once you've trained enough and grasp the principles so you can teach tricks to answer these questions promptly. As you progress through the four timed portions of practice examinations, you'll need to keep track of your time.

Remember that failing to complete each section of the exam will result in a penalty, and your score will drop with each unanswered question.

It is obvious to do your best, but to stick to your planned schedule it is important to not waste more time on questions that you don't know the answers to. Hence, it is advisable to move on to the next question if it takes up much of your time. Give each question no more than two and a half minutes of your time. Make a calculated estimate if you are stuck with one question or one section. 

If you are properly preparing for the GMAT, you should be able to identify the weak areas that are acting as a roadblock to achieving a high GMAT score. Pay special attention to these areas, track your progress over time, and revise those topics regularly.

4 Subject-wise preparation for GMAT

Learn how to prepare for the GMAT and go over section-by-section GMAT exam preparation advice. Learn about the GMAT exam style and curriculum, then carefully organize your schedule to learn each topic one at a time. Slow and steady development can help you get an excellent GMAT score of 700 or above.

Understanding the GMAT structure is essential for familiarising yourself with the test and, as a result, for successful preparation so that nothing is left amiss.

As previously stated, the GMAT is divided into four sections: Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing, and you can take them in any sequence. Further, breaking the syllabus into sections will also help in breaking down the schedule of your studies.

All questions are multiple-choice questions except for the Analytical Writing Assessment, which consists of one essay analyzing a specific argument.

The GMAT test takes a little more than three hours to complete in total, including two optional breaks after parts 2 and 3. The GMAT will give you two minutes for each question on average.

Other skills that a candidate needs to work on include ideation in the mind, speed reading, and identifying the purpose of the text. You should also harness the power of online courses, websites, apps, online GMAT forums, and online and offline tutoring.

Online learning platforms are preferable to traditional coaching programmes since they allow you to save time for yourself. You may also work more closely on your weak areas when you receive online help. This GMAT preparation technique can help you go one step closer to getting an excellent score on the exam.

5 GMAT Preparation advice: Integrated Reasoning section

  • This segment consists of 12 questions that should be answered within 30 minutes. Ideally, students should complete the part in 25 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for revision and ensuring that there aren’t any unanswered questions left.

  • Make sure to cover all of the topics, so you can confidently take the GMAT exam.

  • To prepare for the test, go through the study materials available thoroughly.

6 GMAT Preparation advice: Quantitative section

  • This portion has 31 questions and 62-minute time duration.

  • While practicing, go through issues about data sufficiency and problem-solving.

  • In a perfect scenario, you'd finish the questions in 55 minutes and use the remaining time to go over the unanswered questions and revise the paper if needed.

  • Memorizing the mathematical formulas that are utilized in these courses will aid in speeding up the learning process.

7 GMAT Preparation advice: Verbal section

  • The Verbal Section of the GMAT exam has 36 questions that must be answered within 65 minutes. 

  • This part assesses your command of the English language and your ability to effectively communicate.

  • Reading passages, critical thinking, idioms, synonyms-antonyms, sentence correction, and subject-verb agreement will all be covered in this part.

  • While preparing, go over all of these topics and consult several reference materials, as this segment will also test your reasoning and analytical abilities.

8 GMAT Preparation advice: Analytical writing assessment

  • The Analytical Writing Section has a total time limit of 30 minutes.

  • Develop a habit of reading and attempt to read things from many fields. Try to finish the writing assignment in 25 minutes and save the final 5 minutes for reviewing the written material.

  • Read articles that discuss related issues and provide examples.

  • Try to recall key points from a topic and rehearse them frequently so that you can apply them in your writing.

  • Practice writing on a variety of themes while emphasizing contrasting ideas.

  • Increase your speed to better manage your time.

9 Getting in touch with the alumni

Alumni who have already passed the GMAT exam can assist you in effectively preparing for the exam by sharing their knowledge and ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything. When you talk to those who have passed the test before, you are already ahead of the rest of the crowd with the best GMAT preparation advice.

For a much clearer perspective, we have broken down the GMAT course into sections.

10 Key takeaways

The GMAT is an exam that is extremely important for people who want to get into business schools. Even though preparing for the GMAT is time-consuming and needs a significant amount of effort and devotion.

There are some things students can do to "study smarter" and prepare for the exam more effectively. 

11 FAQs

Q1. When should you take a GMAT Exam?

Answer - You should take a GMAT course following the application deadline with the business school of your preference.

Q2. What is the best way to study for a GMAT exam?

Answer - The best way to study for a GMAT exam is to stick to a strong GMAT study plan.

Q3. How much time do you require to prepare for a GMAT exam?

Answer - Approximately, you need at least 3 months to prepare for a GMAT exam

Q4. What skills are tested in a GMAT exam?

Answer - Skills like thinking critically, the ability to analyze data, and reasoning skills are some of the skills that are tested in a GMAT exam

Q5. Can you use a calculator during a GMAT exam?

Answer- You won’t be allowed to bring a calculator to a GMAT exam. Test centers provide a basic calculator to candidates for the Integrated Reasoning section only.

Q6. Apart from the calculator, what else do the test centers offer the candidates?

Answer - Apart from calculators, the candidates are given markers and note boards for calculations in the quantitative section.

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