PTE Exam 2023: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

PTE Exam 2023: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

Applicants who want to do well on their PTE Academic Exam will need to have a better preparation plan in order to get a decent PTE score. This post has been written with the sole purpose of giving the greatest PTE practice material to our test takers. Continue reading to learn more about PTE exam preparation 2021, PTE exam preparation online, PTE exam preparation material, and PTE test preparation at home, as well as other key PTE preparation subjects.

PTE examinees are usually bewildered as to where they should concentrate their study efforts for the exam. There's no need to be concerned anymore. We've produced a top 10 PTE exam preparation guide for those who want to ace their PTE exam. The top ten PTE exam preparation tools are as follows:

Prepare ahead of time.

  1. Plan ahead of time

  2. Attempt as many practice tests

  3. Learn Vocabulary.

  4. Focus on each Topic.

  5. Don't ignore other topics

  6. Use high-quality materials.

  7. Recognize all types of questions

  8. Keep a record of all errors.

  9. Prepare to take the exam twice.

Table of Contents

1 PTE Exam Preparation Online

Candidates must demonstrate their English language skills by taking an English test, regardless of their desired university or field. For the benefit of our test takers, we will go over the PTE preparation material that is available online.

The Pearson PLC Group's PTE-A official website is recommended for applicants. The official website provides a selection of free PTE study materials for exam candidates' convenience. Candidates can also buy or rent PTE preparation resources on the internet. Candidates are strongly urged to visit the official website, which contains the most up-to-date PTE syllabus.

2 PTE Online Coaching: MOOC

PTE introduced a MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which is a free PTE Online Preparation programme for all participants. Candidates who want to use the PTE Online Preparation tool must be enrolled in a course to take advantage of PTE's complementary course resources.

MOOC is a PTE online preparation tool that uses video guidance and online practice to familiarize applicants with the PTE Academic test structure and question styles. E2Language, a global online test preparation and tutoring provider for PTE Academic and other English language tests, collaborated on the course. The course replicates each of the question types in the PTE Academic exam, allowing users to practice their own strategies before receiving feedback.

3 PTE Preparation Materials (section-wise)

Because the test checks your regular communication skills in the English language, each section may be mastered in a few days if you give it your whole attention and concentration. 

You may always use online videos and tutorials, as well as practise papers, to help you prepare for your exam. In terms of linguistic proficiency, each component has its own relevance. As a result, each section will need to be prepared independently. For your practice, take a look at the following advice and strategies.

How to Prepare for the Writing Section of the PTE Exam?

In this section, you must write in response to the questions, and your written responses will be graded. The PTE Academic's writing module is broken into two portions, and we will share advice for each of them.

  • With great vocabulary and grammar, you can achieve a perfect score of 90 out of 90. You should expect a score of roughly 73 if your vocabulary and grammar are average.
  • Make your responses 35–45 words long. Long sentences should be avoided because scoring systems may not be able to accurately evaluate them.
  • Pay attention to the punctuation marks.
  • When writing sentences, make sure capitalize all the first words and nouns.
  • Avoid using following pronouns: I, Me, We, and first-person pronouns in your summary.
  • Pay special attention to the last paragraph, which usually offers the text's summation.
  • Summarize each paragraph in a single sentence.

How Should You Prepare for the PTE Exam's Listening Section?

Questions based on audio and video samples are found in this section. You only have one chance to listen to or watch each audio or video clip. To help you prepare for the PTE Academic listening part, below are some guidelines for each type of question.

  • Try listening to more English songs actively and focus on the lyrics
  • Watch English movies and shows wit and then without subtitles 
  • Listening to new content will improve your vocabulary 
  • Don't make assumptions or blind guesses as it has negative marking
  • Read questions before the audio starts
  • Stay focused till the end and then respond.

How to Prepare for the Speaking Section of the PTE Exam?

  • Try raising the tone at the beginning and then falling the tone at the finish, it will sound more authentic that way.
  • Don't stop just keep going, speak even if you make slime mistakes along the way
  • Practice tongue twisters daily till your exam day
  • Listen to the sentence with closed eyes.
  • Because there is no beep when the tape is done, simply start speaking once it has finished.

How to Prepare for the Reading Section of the PTE Exam?

The key to passing the PTE Academic reading portion is fluency in reading, attention, and comprehension. When taking the exam, you'll use all of these capabilities at once, but you'll have to study them one at a time while practicing.

  • To find the correct answer, understand the passage's core message and concentrate on keywords.
  • Emphasize on the frequency words 
  • Because there is no option for negative marking on this question, answer all of the questions and do not leave any blanks.
  • Make the most of the rule of elimination. As far as possible, reduce the number of options available to you.
  • Before you read the entire text, read the question first to see what kind of information you should seek for.
  • Learn to paraphrase, which entails expressing the same idea with different words.

4 FAQs

Q: Is it possible to pass the PTE Academic exam without studying?

A. Candidates are strongly advised to prepare for the test before scheduling a PTE Academic test appointment.

Q. How long does the PTE Academic test take in total?

A. Your PTE Academic test will be two hours long starting in November 2021.

Q. How should I prepare for my upcoming PTE Academic test?

A. Having a plan in mind is the greatest way to prepare for any test, including the PTE Academic. The plan should include a timeline that covers the whole syllabus while also allowing enough time to complete practise papers. While solving easy portions, extra attention should be paid to issues that are difficult for the candidate.

Q. How long does studying for the PTE Academic exam take?

A. The choice is entirely up to the student. Students who already have taken the test before and are taking it again will spend less time preparing than those who are taking it for the first time. From a technical sense, putting a number would be improper.

Q. Is the PTE Academic test difficult for first-timers?

A resounding no. You should know that the PTE test was designed to determine the student's English language proficiency. As a result, a candidate who has prepared for the PTE Academic test should not have a difficult time passing this English exam.

Q. Is the PTE Academic exam easy to pass?

A. A candidate who is familiar with the PTE Academic syllabus and has prepared thoroughly for the exam with complete sincerity and enthusiasm would pass the PTE Academic exam with flying colors.

Q. What is the PTE Academic passing score?

A. It is critical that pupils comprehend that there are no passing or failing grades. Universities will have a cut-off score for the PTE, which applicants must meet or exceed in order to be considered for admission. 

Q. How do I pass the PTE in 15 days?

A. If candidates are unsure about the exam, they can simply reschedule their PTE Exam dates. If students have 15 days to prepare for the exam, it is recommended to solve as many practice papers as possible and focus on weaker portions of the PTE Academic exam.

Q. What is the PTE Academic exam's scoring system?

After passing the PTE Academic exam, applicants will receive their PTE Academic scores on a scale of 10 to 90 for each of the skill components. They will also be awarded an overall rating.


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