SAT Exam 2023: Eligibility, Syllabus, Test Preparation & Results

SAT Exam 2023: Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & Scores

Updated on Sep 6, 2022

The SAT is a multiple choice test that is administered using paper and pencil. You can register for the SAT 5 weeks before the scheduled exam date. The College Board SAT is administered seven times per year, depending on the location, and at least six times in most nations. Evidence-based reading and writing, math (calculator and no calculator) are the two primary categories of the SAT. In three hours, candidates must answer 154 questions. The SAT score range is 400-1600, and it is extensively utilized for undergraduate admissions. Candidates must pay a registration fee of $60, plus the regional fee which is $ 49. So the total would be $ 109

Table of Contents

1 Updates for SAT Exam 2022

The SAT essay portion has been removed, according to a notification released on January 19, 2021, and this order is effective beginning with the June 2021 administration. SAT Subject tests are likewise no longer included in the SAT exam details, but exclusively for the United States. The remainder of the world can take the College Board SAT subject examinations until June 2021. 

The Collegeboard has opted to administer the SAT online so that students from all around the world can take the exam while maintaining their health. The Collegeboard has been attempting to administer a flexible SAT format. The subject matter of SAT 2021 will probably include a new part. The scoring process will remain unchanged as a result of the new SAT changes.

2 Eligibility

The SAT's governing organization has not established any explicit eligibility requirements for anyone interested in taking the test. SATs are used all over the world to determine undergraduate admission to schools and universities. 

This test, which was previously known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is used to select candidates for college admission. It evaluates critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing abilities acquired via education and independent work throughout time.

Applicants who want to study in another country as an undergraduate must first pass the SAT exam. Students who want to register for the SAT exam have no minimum or maximum age limit established by the SAT organizing body.

3 Syllabus

The SAT Test Syllabus is specially designed to evaluate students' abilities to interpret information and establish their grasp of basic English and Math concepts. Major changes to the SAT have been revealed by the College Board, and they will remain in effect from 2021. 

  • SAT General and SAT Subject were the two types of SAT.

The SAT Subject Test is no longer available. After June 2021, international students will no longer be able to take the SAT Subject Test.

  • The SAT Essay section has been discontinued.

The College Board does not specify the syllabus for the SAT because it is a general test that covers general ideas such as reasoning, math, and English. Students should expect questions on themes like English, reasoning, math, and other subjects that they have already learned in high school.

Students who are going for the SAT Reasoning Test should be aware that the SAT syllabus comprises a Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, Math Test, and an Essay, and can begin their SAT preparation in the themes and subjects connected to the SAT Reasoning Test (optional). Students can use the SAT Practice Papers to get a better understanding of each segment or component of the SAT.

4 Exam Pattern

SAT exam pattern comprises two major sections – Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math. Both EBRW and Math are graded on a scale between 200 to 800.

5 Preparation Advice

The SAT exam is divided into 3 sections: evidence-based reading and writing, and mathematics. The optional essay after June 2021 has been discontinued. 

Evidence-based Reading and Writing on the SAT exam:

This component has two examinations, one of which is a reading test in which you must demonstrate your ability to read and comprehend the content. The other is an SAT Writing test, which requires you to read and edit a text.

6 Exam Dates

Candidates seeking admission to undergraduate colleges in prominent abroad locations such as US, Canada, Australia, Canada, and UK take the SAT exam, an internationally known standardized exam. 

The SAT is administered in India throughout March, May, June, August, October, and December. SAT exam is conducted seven times a year; however, you must choose from a list of available SAT Exam dates that are convenient for you. From the list of SAT Exam dates, choose a date that allows you to devote adequate time to SAT preparation. You must complete your online registration by the timeframes specified. 

SAT Exam dates, SAT registration deadlines, SAT deadlines and SAT 2021 result dates are displayed on the official website.

7 Results and Scores

The SAT Results or Scores are released by the College Board. The SAT Essay and multiple-choice results are released on various dates by the College Board. Students can get their results online if they are waiting for them. One or two weeks after the test date, the results are usually accessible. Within 10 days of obtaining the results, the Board delivers them to selected universities.

Most institutions require applicants to send their SAT results directly from the College Board. Applicants can send four free score reports to institutions when they register for the test; in other words, there is no further fee. Students can email, mail, or even call in their grades.

8 Registration

The SAT exam is necessary for undergraduate or bachelor's degree programs in the United States or Canada. Most colleges there need SAT scores to analyze your profile. SAT registration is available both online and offline. An SAT registration is often completed online. The registration process takes about 30 minutes. The steps include:

1. Explore test centre locations.

2. Choose your preferred test date.

3. Sign in to your free College account. Please create an account if you don’t have one yet.

4. Complete your online registration.

9 Practice Tests

One of the most comprehensive methods to prepare for test day is to take a full-length SAT practice exam. Free SAT practice tests are accessible online and on paper for a total of eight official SAT practice tests.

The SAT exam is a test of critical thinking abilities that you'll need in college to succeed academically. The SAT measures your ability to evaluate and solve issues, which are abilities you gained in high school and will need in college. 

The SAT is graded on a range of 200 to 800 points for each part, with two writing subscores for multiple-choice and essay questions. It is given seven times in a year.

10 SAT Digital

Students taking testing outside the U.S. will first take the digital SAT in Spring 2023. If you’re an international student appearing for the class of 2024 or later, you’ll probably take the digital SAT. 

 What’s Changing in the SAT Digital test?

1. Students can take the SAT on a desktop, laptop or tablet. 

2. You’ll take a shorter test, about 2 hours instead of 3. 

3. You’ll have shorter reading passages instead of a few long texts. 

4. You’ll be allowed to use your calculator on the entire math section and there’s a calculator built right into the digital testing application.

SAT Exam guide

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