Study at Mannheim Business School

Mannheim Business School | Germany’s Top B-School

If you want to experience German culture and quality education, all wrapped up into one amazing package, then you should consider studying at the Mannheim Business School. To know more about Germany's top business school, what programs it offers, and how to apply, read on! Mannheim Business School offers unique and comprehensive programs to international students from around the world. These courses touch upon all aspects of management-related studies and offer ...

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Best part-time jobs for students in Germany and how to get them!

Sustaining a livelihood in Germany can be a costly affair. Part-time jobs can help you counter your expenses really well! They can also teach you how to manage your college life, handle finances, and give you some much needed work experience. Read on to learn about the best part-time jobs and how to get them! Did you know that Germany has the highest number of students working part-time jobs? That's right! ...

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5 countries with best education systems in the world

Top 5 countries with the best education systems in the world

How do you decide which countries have the best education systems in the world and how to choose the perfect ones for yourself? That's exactly what you'll learn in this blog. Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." He was right! The young people of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. Their thoughts and actions will shape tomorrow’s global ...

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Jobs in Germany

5 steps to get the best jobs in Germany as an international student

If you are looking for job opportunities in Germany, you have come to the right place. Get all the basic information you need on how to get jobs in Germany right here. As the largest economy in Europe and 5th largest in the world, Germany offers plenty of work opportunities to candidates with specialized skills. There is a shortage of professionals like physicians, nursing professionals, IT specialists, engineers, scientists, and also ...

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MS in Germany

MS in Germany | No tuition, quality education, and abundant opportunities!

An MS in Germany is the favorite choice of international students who want to pursue their masters in technology, engineering, or mathematics. All thanks to its high-quality education and supremely low costs. If you want to study Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Law, and don’t mind learning a bit of German, pursuing your MS in Germany is a sweet deal! The country offers quality education, does cutting-edge research, and is home to some ...

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Best countries to study abroad and work in 2022

10 best countries to study abroad and work in 2022

Choosing the perfect country can be a confusing task. Canada has great job opportunities, Singapore is the perfect place to start your business, whereas the cost of studying in Germany is very low. So here are the best countries to study abroad and work in 2022 and all you need to know about them! Immigration policies are changing every year and countries keep on competing to provide better education to students. ...

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countries with free education

Top 6 countries with free education | How to study abroad for free!

Studying abroad can do wonders for your profile development but it can be an expensive affair. Therefore, we made a list of the countries where you can study abroad for free or at least, at a low cost. Read along to know the top countries with free education for international students.     Education is not a commodity but sadly it has become one in most parts of the world. Quality higher education ...

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Girl holding German flag pointing out how to study in Germany for free

Here’s how you can study in Germany for free

As many countries worldwide treat education as a commercial commodity, Germany is a hot spot for students from every corner of the world. So naturally, the question of the hour is: How to study in Germany for free? Germany is one of the greatest beacons of hope for international students looking to study abroad for free. Although there are many caveats and tangents associated with free education in Germany, we will ...

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