Why studying in Ireland is the best decision you’ll ever make

Also known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, Ireland is quickly rising to become one of the top study abroad destinations in the world. It has a world-class education system, a friendly community, and offers tons of opportunities to international students. But these are not the only reasons for studying in Ireland. A small island located at the western tip of Europe, Ireland is a place full of lush green lands ...

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Top 6 countries with free education | How to study abroad for free!

Studying abroad can do wonders for your profile development but it can be an expensive affair. Therefore, we made a list of the countries where you can study abroad for free or at least, at a low-cost. Read along to know the top countries with free education for international students. Education is not a commodity but sadly it has become one in most parts of the world. Quality higher education has ...

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A view of Ireland skyline

10 Best universities in Ireland for Masters

Looking for information about universities abroad is difficult and finding all the details about it in one place, is even more so. In our blogs, we try and provide as much info as possible. Without further ado, here are the top 10 universities in Ireland for masters. Ireland is often confused as part of Great Britain, but it’s actually not. It is a sovereign North Atlantic island country. Having said that, ...

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Girl applying to universities abroad

Step-by-step guide for applying to universities abroad

Applying to universities abroad is a major life decision that takes immense planning. To help with this confusing study abroad application process, here is a simple step-by-step guide guaranteed to make your journey easier. Want to apply to schools in the USA? Take a look at this video about applying to universities abroad! Choosing the perfect program, and the right university is already a complicated process. But abiding by the timelines and ...

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