Must read books for college students in 2020

College is an entirely new and thrilling experience. And because you only get to live it once, it’s better to live it right. In this blog, I have compiled a list of 6 inspiring books for college students that will help you make the best out of your student life. Going to university entails that you have to start being responsible. It involves learning how to live by yourself, paying taxes, ...

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Study tips during COVID-19

4 easy study tips for online learning during COVID-19

Shifting to online learning seems to be the new norm for almost all students worldwide. Online learning during COVID-19 has affected many students across the globe. To help you get used to this new change, we have some very easy study tips for online learning. The health and safety of students is the top priority for universities. Many are still deciding if they will continue online or allow students back on ...

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10 Study abroad skills you should focus on | Benefits of studying abroad!

Why study abroad? Study abroad skills and experiences will accompany students throughout their personal and professional careers. As a student studying in a foreign country, there are some skills that you need to focus on developing. Here are some easy tips to help you do so!   When you arrive in a new country with your bags in hand, there are always mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. But, you need to ...

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How to stay safe from COVID-19 | Tips and precautions for Coronavirus

If you're a student who's studying abroad or is planning to, you're sure to be worried about the scary new Coronavirus. Well, the more info you have, the better prepared you will be. So here's a rundown on the causes, symptoms, and precautions for Coronavirus. The Coronavirus has been a source of panic for people around the world, with it being dubbed as the first global pandemic that spreads as easily ...

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Best paying part-time jobs for college students

10 Best paying part-time jobs for college students

Part-time jobs are one of the best ways of paying off your student loans and earning some extra money. Here's a list of some of the best paying part-time jobs for college students abroad. Saving money while studying abroad is of utmost importance. It helps you pay your bills and pay off your student loans. Fortunately, there are part-time jobs to help you offset some of your expenses and save some ...

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Woman telling us about the importance of english in a workplace

Importance of English in an office or a workplace

English is not only the most universally spoken language, but it is also the primary language of the corporate world. As a newly graduated student entering the corporate world, the importance of the English language is undeniable. Read this blog to find out why. Often touted as the global language, the use, and benefits of being fluent in English, are endless. Despite this blog's objective, a workplace isn't the only place ...

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