Woman telling us about the importance of english in a workplace

Importance of English in an office or a workplace

English is not only the most universally spoken language, but it is also the primary language of the corporate world. As a newly graduated student entering the corporate world, the importance of the English language is undeniable. Read this blog to find out why. Often touted as the global language, the use, and benefits of being fluent in English, are endless. Despite this blog's objective, a workplace isn't the only place ...

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Benefits of networking in college and networking tips

Benefits of networking in college | Plus 7 powerful networking tips!

Building connections with people is an essential part of establishing a successful career. As a student studying abroad, you are in the best place to create a solid, influential network. All you have to do is recognize the benefits of networking in college and follow some easy networking tips! Benefits of networking in college | Plus 7 powerful networking tips! The benefits of networking in college life are uncontested. For folks ...

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Benefits of studying abroad

7 benefits of studying abroad | Study abroad guide

It is every student's dream to study abroad and yet, we all wonder if moving to a different country for higher education is worth it. I suggest you take a look at these 7 sure-shot benefits of studying abroad before making your decision. The number of international students studying abroad has been steadily increasing by 12 percent each year. Students across the globe are realizing the merits and benefits of studying ...

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Students in university celebrating holi

4 Countries that celebrate the festival of colors around the world

The vibrant festival of colors is best celebrated amongst friends and family. But as a student studying abroad, here are some ways you can celebrate Holi with newfound friends and make new memories. It's time for the most playful festival of the year! Holi is the festival marking the beginning of Spring. Widely celebrated in India and Nepal, Holi has now spread to different parts of the globe. Being away from home, students ...

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Colleges check social media accounts of applicants_

Do colleges look at social media accounts of their applicants?

Do colleges look at social media accounts of students? Certainly! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can reveal a lot about you that your application doesn't. Schools sometimes take note of that. This effect of social media on college admissions can either hamper or boost your chances of getting in. A lot of students tend to ask 'Do colleges look at social media profiles of applicants?' without being aware that the effect ...

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