scholarships in the Czech Republic

Scholarships in the Czech Republic | Top 7 scholarships to apply for!

Scholarships in the Czech Republic | An overview! Studying abroad can help you with the much-needed global exposure to working in an array of domains. If you are holding yourself back because of the finances, you don't need to. Financial aid, such as scholarships, can help bridge the gap and help you gain access to courses in universities that you intend to secure admission to. Both public and private institutes ...

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Top engineering colleges in India

Top 10 engineering colleges in India!

Top Engineering colleges in India | Which one to choose? Engineering has become one of the most popular career choices among students worldwide. After deciding on your field of study, the next important step is to select the right college. Choosing from the top engineering colleges in India can give you a good start in your career. There are several prestigious colleges and universities in India that offer a myriad of ...

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Top universities in Spain

Top 10 universities in Spain

According to the QS University Rankings, some of the world’s best universities include 27 Spanish institutions.  Look at the list of top 10 universities in Spain to finalize which university fits your academic aspirations. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is known for its excellence in research and quality in teaching. The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, founded in 1968, now ranks 193rd in the world, making it Spain's third international representation. It ...

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How to peruse career in nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering | Everything you need to know

Nuclear engineering can turn out to be a rewarding career for those who are ready to put theoretical ideas into practice. These ideas can be well implemented to help people build nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, and other projects in the related field. Nuclear engineers work on the procedures, tools, and systems that are used to extract advantages from nuclear energy and radiation. If you think this is the ...

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Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art: profile & courses

The RCA was founded in 1837 at Somerset House as the Government School of Design or Metropolitan School of Design. In September 1896, the institution changed its name to the Royal College of Art. The emphasis on education switched to the profession of art and design. Graphic design, industrial design, and product design education originated in the mid-twentieth century. In the 1960s, the school grew more. In the 1960s, the ...

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hospital management

Hospital Management | Decode everything about this course here!

Hospital Management | What is it? Hospital Management is the method of administering everything related to patient care. It ranges from appointment scheduling, patient registration, scheduling seamless consultations, and document/record management. Besides, it also includes lab control, drug safety and control, staff management, management of outpatients, medical report generation, and more! Why choose Hospital Management? Healthcare providers fine-tune the process all around the world to ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in their ...

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MBBS in the Philippines: An overview

MBBS in the Philippines: An overview

MBBS in the Philippines is an excellent alternative in compassion to an MBBS program in China. Since the previous decade, studying MBBS in the Philippines has gained in popularity among international students. There are several reasons why you should pursue a medical degree in the Philippines. The primary reason is the inexpensive cost of education. Along with this, Top Colleges in the Philippines provide exceptional facilities and faculties to their ...

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Top Graphic Design Books to Read!

Top 5 graphic design books to read!

Graphic design has an important role to play in the modern marketing environment and other industries. This has led to a steadily growing demand for candidates who understand the nuances of the field.  Upgrading your skills with the relevant resources is the best way to stay relevant in a competitive environment.  Here are the top 5 graphic design books you should consider reading!  The best graphic design books in the market offer insightful ...

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French Student Visa

French Student Visa | 6 things you need to know to get one!

Be it any foreign country, if you want to pursue studies, you will need a student visa which will enable you to do so. The same goes for France. As soon as you get your acceptance letter, you need to apply for a French student visa.  In order to do that, you will need a host of documents and another set of requirements to fulfill. The process is long and arduous, ...

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how to get swiss student visa

Swiss student visa | Things you need to know

You’ve finalized the roadmap for your higher studies in Swiss. What next? Obtaining a Swiss student visa can be a process that most students may be unaware of. Read on to know more about how to obtain a Swiss student visa successfully. How to apply? The criteria to apply for a student visa in Swiss may vary depending on your home country. Students from EFTA/EU nations do not require a visa to enter ...

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Mathematicians of India

10 great mathematicians of India

Great mathematicians of India | An introduction From inventing zero to accurately calculating the distance into space, the contributions of some mathematicians are so substantial that they cannot be overlooked. The contributions of those who started from the basics are substantial enough to be overlooked.  Let's take a look at the list of great mathematicians of India and know how their contributions changed the course of mathematics.   Srinivasa Ramanujan A mathematical prodigy from India, ...

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Supply chain management - understanding everything about it

Supply chain management | A handy guide for you!

An introduction to supply chain management From the coffee table on which you keep your newspapers to your cell phone, almost everything around has been made from scratch through a combination of raw materials and hard work. In layman's terms, this is what you refer to as logistics and supply chain management. This field has been on the rise in this fast-paced, globalized world for quite some time now. Read on to ...

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