A scenic view of the Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands | Top universities, costs, eligibility, scholarships & more!

With its comparatively low tuition fees, travel opportunities, and overall excellent education system, studying in the Netherlands is quickly becoming a very popular option among international students. The Netherlands, also commonly known as Holland, is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. Situated in Europe, alongside prominent countries such as Germany and Belgium, Holland is famous for its impeccable education system especially, its management, business, engineering, and technology programs. ...

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scholarships to study in Canada

How to apply for scholarships for studying abroad | Application tips inside!

Studying abroad may sound too expensive for you to afford, but that’s a common misconception. There are thousands of scholarships for studying abroad that are just waiting for you! All you have to do is know about how to apply for scholarships. If you’re thinking of going abroad for your higher education, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Here at iSchoolConnect, we want to help you understand ...

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Types of scholarships for international students | Scholarship list

High expenses is a major reason students refrain from studying abroad. Well, we are here to tell you not to let your finances hold you back and explore the various scholarships for international students. Millions of international students dream of studying abroad. Most go abroad for their postgraduate degrees while some, for their undergraduate degrees. However, while studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime, it is also one of the most ...

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Best value colleges of 2021

The 7 best value colleges of 2021 | Fees, Scholarships, Jobs, and more!

It’s no secret that a college education is expensive. So, many students ask the burning question: "Is college worth it?" My answer? Yes, and it's much better when you're studying in one of the best value colleges in the world. Students spend an average of $99,417 USD over the course of their degree. This amount can easily stack up to a lot more when you move from an undergraduate course to ...

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The blog covers the universities that offer scholarships for ms in usa.

Top universities that offer scholarships for MS in USA

Aspiration and education always go hand in hand, but it is not always the case with your finances. You may wish to study in the most renowned universities, but they are oftentimes expensive. So how do you fund your way to the top? If you’re ambitious, then you probably want a well-equipped location to boost your drive for success. Not just that, you want to go to a prestigious university to ...

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Study at Mannheim Business School

Mannheim Business School | Germany’s Top B-School

If you want to experience German culture and quality education, all wrapped up into one amazing package, then you should consider studying at the Mannheim Business School. To know more about Germany's top business school, what programs it offers, and how to apply, read on! Mannheim Business School offers unique and comprehensive programs to international students from around the world. These courses touch upon all aspects of management-related studies and offer ...

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HR courses

HR Courses | Top 15 courses to pursue in 2022 (A detailed list!)

While the life of an HR is not as rosy as it seems, this career path is still one of the most sought-after by many students. If you are a management aspirant, then this list of the 15 best HR courses will be quite helpful. Have you wondered what exactly an HR executive does? HR professionals have many other responsibilities besides designing team-building activities and planning recruitment and training. Therefore, pursuing ...

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How to prepare for GRE | 6 best strategies

The GRE General Test is required for all graduate programs in almost every field. It is not specific to any academic discipline, but it does put your executive functioning skills such as processing information, solving problems, and critical thinking to test. Keep reading to know how to prepare for GRE and ace the exam! Achieving high scores in GRE is possible only with a consistent and planned study schedule. To determine ...

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