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Primely located in the heart of New York, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, is famous for its exceptional education quality, great faculty, and reasonable tuition fees. But, what is the college really like? Read on and find out what some of the SFC students had to say.

Some basic facts about St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA:

  • Acceptance rate: 63%
  • Tuition fees: $26,298 (2019-20)
  • Accommodation: $17,200 (2019-20)
  • Application deadline type: Rolling
  • Ranking: 4 (U.S News 2020 Best Colleges Ranking)

In order to get an honest review of St. Francis College, Brooklyn, we spoke to a few students currently studying there. We asked them some basic yet, important questions about college life, scholarships, faculty, internships, & more! Our three student candidates were Thea, Christian, and Aryan each from varied backgrounds and unique stories. Here’s what they had to say:

Hey there! Talk to us about how you shortlisted SFC as your school of choice?

When asked this question, Christian says, “Out of all the universities and colleges I’d shortlisted, I chose SFC because of the small class sizes, the personalized education that I would receive, and also the affordability of the college.”

On the other hand, sports enthusiast Thea says, “I chose SFC above all other universities because it’s an NCAAA Division 1 school, meaning I got to play the sports I loved in a Division 1 school.  I also loved the very unique internship options that St. Francis College had to offer, in comparison to the other universities”.

Aryan, an international student from India, tells us, “When I was looking for universities, I was actually stunned when I found SFC. Some of the major reasons for that were the very low student to teacher ratio which is close to 16:1. Not only that, but it is also one of the most affordable colleges in the US.”

Why did you choose SFC to pursue this program?

programs at St. Francis College
St. Francis College is widely diversified in 19 academic departments that offer 72 majors and minors

Christian, who’s pursuing a unique program by majoring in Biology and Mathematics, tells us, “For Biology, I was focusing on the pre-med track and SFC offered me several research internship options that would really help me if I decided to go to Medical School. On the other hand, for my mathematics major, the curriculum and internships will give my profile a definite boost. For all these reasons and more, I decided on St. Francis College, Brooklyn for my program.”

“As an International Business major, I was highly interested in the internships offered by St. Francis College, Brooklyn. They have companies like Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, City group coming in, and given my program concentration, I thought this was a great opportunity,” Thea tells us.

A Nursing major at SFC, Aryan tells us, “In Nursing, SFC had some of the highest Regional rankings and was very famous for having a well-rounded nursing curriculum with a fantastic faculty. All these facts together sealed my choice of SFC for my program.”

How is SFC different from any other school?

Talking about the scholarships and financial aid, Christian tells us, “If you want to apply for financial aid and receive an excellent education simultaneously, St. Francis is definitely the college for you. It offers a variety of scholarships such as need-based, international, merit-based (based on your GPA), to name a few.”

Thea talks more about the faculty and teaching at SFC. She tells us, “St. Francis College, Brooklyn is different from most schools out there because the professors there know your name and you always get extensive help. Whether it’s the CV or interview prep, they’re always there for you.”

Top 3 things you like about SFC?

Students at SFC
“SFC is located a few minutes away from the Brooklyn Promenade. It’s the most soothing view”, Aryan tells us.

“I like a lot of things about SFC”, Christian tells us laughingly. “The atmosphere is so friendly! As a new student, I received a lot of help and everyone is helpful and warm. The small class sizes make you feel at home. The whole experience is very personalized and it allows you to build a relationship with your teachers.”

Thea says, “I love how much value and importance they (SFC) gives to sports. As I mentioned earlier, I’m very happy to be a part of a Division 1 sports college. The second thing is the location. You’re a 5 minutes walk away from the Brooklyn Promenade and the third thing is the smaller class sizes.”

Aryan expands more upon the SFC campus qualities. He says, “The 3 things I like the most about the St. Francis College campus are: The Academic Enhancement Center, the library, the Counseling and Wellness Center. I recommend all international students should attend a session at the counseling and wellness center since the transition to a new country can be jarring. The SFC Library also has immense resources for students to study.”

Can you tell us about the social life at SFC?

Christian excitedly tells us what the SFC campus is all about. He says, “SFC’s campus is located very centrally. This allows all the students to conduct their activities around or near the campus and the atmosphere is always alive with energy! There are also a lot of student associations and clubs that you can join. During the on-campus sports and games, the campus is so lively. You really need to experience it to truly understand it!”

“Whether it’s sports or a model UN clubs, there’s something to do for everyone there! With over 40 clubs and sororities, there’s always a lot to do and never a dull moment on campus” says Thea.

Aryan says, “If you’re worried not finding the people from your country there, let me put your fears to rest. SFC has clubs or societies spanning all cultures. From an Asian society to an Albanian society, each club organizes activities to engage students. You never feel alone or left out!”

Can you throw some light on the academics and faculty?

St.Francis College Brooklyn
The SFC commencement ceremony, most commonly held at the Ford Amphitheater, Brooklyn, New York.


“Many of the faculty members at SFC have an international background themselves which gives them a more personalized understanding of the students which helps them, help us a lot better,” says Christian.

Thea tells us more about SFC. She says, “The average class size is 18. This means that as an international student, you can always go to your teacher immediately and ask any and all questions you have. For example, my accounting teacher always helps me with my taxes since I have a difficult time doing them as an international student.”

The academics at SFC are top-notch. From maths to nursing, SFC has some of the best faculty members for each program. I personally feel that the teachers here have a unique teaching style. They make your curriculum seem more engaging and somehow build even more interest!,” Aryan tells us.

Any message for upcoming batches or aspiring candidates?

St. Francis College Brooklyn is more than just a place where you receive fantastic education. There is no other school more suited to you if you want to make valuable connections. So, to the upcoming batch, I’d like to say, ‘Welcome’ and to the aspiring candidates, I want to say ‘SFC is where you need to be’.”

In a short and sweet message, Thea conveys, “My message to all the future candidates is to take this chance on SFC and explore this beautiful college and city! Whether it’s joining clubs and sororities or venturing out and exploring Manhattan or Staten Island, this is your time. We look forward to welcoming you!”

So, there you have it, folks! The general consensus among all the students we spoke to was that St. Francis College Brooklyn has a fabulous campus, a high number of scholarships, helpful and kind faculty members, and most importantly, very high education standards. If I was an international student, I’d jump at a chance to apply to SFC. What are you waiting for?

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