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How to study abroad hassle-free with iSchoolConnect

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The process of studying abroad can be immensely complicated. To make it easier for students worldwide, iSchoolConnect developed a few AI-based tools. Here’s how you can use them to simplify your study abroad journey.

‘What are the most confusing aspects of the study abroad process?’, is a question we asked hundreds of study abroad aspirants. Out of all the responses we received, here are the top 5 things students find most confusing:

Well, guess what? iSchoolConnect has online AI-powered tools that can help you understand and deal with all of these confusion-inducing problems! 

A quick background:

In 2015, Ashish Fernando, the CEO and Founder of iSchoolConnect, was an MBA aspirant applying to universities in the USA. However, when he tried gaining assistance from several education consultants he faced a lot of bias while receiving university recommendations. Keeping his own experiences in mind, Ashish decided to create a company that would provide unbiased study abroad advice to students worldwide and would use advanced AI-technology to do so. That, is how iSchoolConnect was born.

As an organization, iSC has always focused on helping students with almost every aspect of their study abroad process. Ashish decided that the best way to make study abroad services accessible to students across the globe was to create these online AI-tools that addressed all the major student problems. 

The 4 iSchoolConnect AI-tools (and how they help you):

1) CASIE- The iSchoolConnect Chatbot

Answers all student queries, 24 x7

If you’ve decided to study abroad, there are bound to be a few common questions that pop into your mind. Questions such as, ‘How much does cost to study abroad?’, ‘Which universities should I apply to?’, or even ‘Which tests should I appear for?’. The answers to all these questions are available with CASIE. iSC’s uber-smart chatbot is qualified to answered millions of questions students might have about studying abroad.

CASIE or the Computer-Assisted Smart Information Engine is a virtual assistant on the iSchoolConnect homepage that provides answers to all student questions, 24/7. Trust me, CASIE’s super helpful!

2)  Recommendation Engine

Provides university recommendations based on your profile

Wondering which universities you can apply for? Just use this recommendation engine and find out! All you have to do is fill in your scores, preferences, and other basic details, and voilà, you’ll get a personalized list of universities.

All the information that you provide to iSchoolConnect’s recommendation engine, is processed through a combination of machine learning models and business logic layers. Based on that output, the engine matches each student with 6 institutions split into 3 categories:

  • DREAM – Programs where you have a long shot at Admission
  • REACH – Programs where you have a reasonably fair chance at getting admitted
  • SAFE – Programs where you have a high chance of getting admitted

3) Writing Mentor Tool

Helps your write the perfect Essay/SOP

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. When it comes to university applications, your Essay/SOP can make or break your chances of getting into your dream university. Because, that one document, is what makes you different from all the thousands of applicants. Guiding students about writing the perfect SOP is what iSchoolConnect’s Writing Mentor Tool is all about.

It gives you suggestions in 2 main categories:

A) Language section

Checks your language from various angles like:

  • Grammar check – Checks for grammatical errors
  • Word count – Counts the total number of words used 
  • Long paragraph identification – Identifies very long unreadable paragraphs within the text
  • Paragraph count – Counts the total number of paragraphs present
  • Long sentence identification – Highlights longer than usual sentences within your SOP
  • Readability score – Measures the readability score of a piece of writing

B) Content section

This section checks and highlights the presence or absence of criteria such as:

  • Self-motivation 
  • Academic experience
  • Work experience 
  • Choice of program
  • Choice of school, and more.

When you decide to study abroad with iSchoolConnect, this tool is what gets you the best SOP you can write.

4) Video Interview Analyzer (VIA)

Prepares you for your university and visa interviews

Over 30% of students are unable to study abroad because their visa application is rejected by the respective country’s embassy. Therefore, your visa interview is of great importance. We wanted to make sure that all the students that study abroad with iSchoolConnect have the best chance at acing their visa interviews.

Our Video Interview Analyzer tool does just that! It helps you completely prepare for the most important aspects of your visa interview by conducting a mock session.

When you use the VIA tool, it analyzes major parameters such as:

  • Facial movements
  • Emotions
  • Behavioral characteristics

Once you’re done with a session, you get an instant analysis of your mock interview. This will help you understand which aspects you can improve on in order to ace your visa interview.

All these AI-tools are of course, very cool. But, you know what is the best part? All these tools are completely online. This means that when you study abroad with iSchoolConnect, you do not need to step out of your home to finish any of these complicated procedures and documents during these dangerous COVID-times. Prepare for your tests, applications, visa interview, and everything from home. And when the time is right, all you have to do, is pack your bags and fly abroad. Easy, right?


Want to try these awesome AI-tools? Just study abroad with iSchoolConnect!

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