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Always dreamed of studying abroad? For all students at SRM University, the process just became immensely easier.

iSchoolConnect Technologies recently partnered with the SRM Institute of Science & Technology to guide potential study abroad aspirants.

This unique partnership will benefit all study abroad aspirants at SRM Institute of Science & Technology. It will provide them access to expert consultations and unique AI tools which will empower them in pursuing their higher education abroad.

Regarded as one of the top educational institutions in India, SRM Institute of Science & Technology hosts thousands of students who later move on to pursue higher education. To encourage students to pursue the best possible educational options both in-country and abroad, SRM Institute of Science & Technology has several programs in place. Some of those international objectives include their Semester Abroad programs, Dual degree program, and alike.

To broaden their sphere of international education assistance, the partnership with iSchoolConnect came into existence. On the Institute’s behalf, this initiative is being led by Mr. Kartar Singh, the Director of International Relations at SRM Institute of Science & Technology, and his team.

When asked about their motive for partnering with iSchoolConnect, Mr. Singh states,

“Going overseas for higher studies is a growing ambition for many of our students, to gain new knowledge, experience different cultures, position themselves for the new age competences and skills of a dynamic work environment and to chart out their careers. In order to do this, they need an unbiased and comprehensive platform that is responsive and aids them in the entire journey of gaining entry into an institution of their choice. We are happy to be partnering with iSchoolConnect which provides an end–to–end solutions package for our students to meet their aspirations for higher studies abroad.”  

Expanding further upon the nature of their collaboration, Mr. Vaibhav Gupta, the Alliances and Marketing Head at iSchoolConnect says,

“The goal of this association between iSchoolConnect and SRM Institute of Science & Technology is to encourage the potential among all students who wish to study abroad and make them aware of the multitude of options that they can explore.”

How will iSchoolConnect guide the students?

iSchoolConnect Technologies has a team of study abroad experts that provide end-to-end assistance to all students who wish to pursue their education abroad. What makes them unique is the cutting-edge AI technology they provide to students that helps them conduct many of their application process tasks online. 

With this partnership, the students at SRM Institute will be able to access an exclusive set of benefits that will help them with their study abroad journey. The benefits include:

  • Access to iSC’s AI tools- Recommendation Engine, AI Writing Mentor for essays and SOPs, AI Video Interview tool, and much more.
  • Personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions.
  • Webinars and workshops at regular intervals to guide students.
  • Access to the iSchoolConnect Student Community- a not for profit initiative powered by iSchoolConnect which is driven by the students, for the students.

Listed above are just a few among the many ways iSchoolConnect will assist the students at SRM Institute of Science & Technology. With applications for all global universities coming up, iSchoolConnect’s assistance will prove crucial to all students that plan on studying abroad. 

All SRM Institute of Science & Technology students who are interested in these services can register for them here.

Rashmi Kango

A writer by day and a reader by night, Rashmi is a quirky cog, in the wheel that is iSchoolConnect. She spends her days writing intriguing and informative articles about all things Higher-Ed.

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