Student waitressing as a part time job while studying abroad

Amazing benefits of part-time jobs for students

The first thought that hits us when we think of part-time jobs for students is, can we balance both work and study? The answer is- yes we can. With diligent planning, it is possible to ...

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New York University building on the NYU campus

The Ultimate Guide to New York University | Ranking, fee, courses & more!

New York City is many things. Some call it the Big Apple, to others it is the city that never sleeps. However, that’s not all it’s known for. Located in the heart of the city ...

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20 best computer science universities in usa

20 Best Computer Science universities in USA | What’s great about them?

 We live in a day and age where computers have an astounding impact on every field imaginable. It's a good time to be a computer scientist. To help you along, we've made a list of ...

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The blog talk about how to write a scholarship application

10 Amazing tips to create an ideal scholarship application

Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for your education abroad. Many students all over the world apply for it but only a handful ever get it. Here's how you can be one ...

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Best universities for Indian students

12 colleges most preferred by Indian students

Imagine waking up in an American condo and yet being able to satiate your desire for a hot dosa, just like you'd have one back home. As Indian students in the US or other countries, ...

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questions to ask at the end of an internal interview

Which questions to ask in a university interview?

There are a trillion different questions that need to be answered before you decide on the right university for your studies abroad. Your million-dollar opportunity to get those questions answered is during the university interview. The ...

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Boston University ranking, eligibility, fees, & more

How to get into Boston University | Ranking, eligibility, fees, & more!

Boston University, ranking 42 in America, is highly renowned for its courses in management, media studies, and computer science. Read on to know more about the university, its courses, application process, deadlines, and more! Boston city ...

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The grand campus of MIT university

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Ranking, admissions, fees & more!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - the name itself brings to mind brilliance, science, and technology. Founded in 1861 and located in Cambridge, Massachusetts; MIT is one of the most sought-after engineering colleges in the world. The ...

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planning finances and checking out scholarships abroad for masters

How to study abroad without breaking the bank?

Higher Ed is about 3 things, courage, confidence, and the right calculations. Today, we are talking about a few realistic calculations and the key to financing one's education and getting scholarships for studying abroad. Is there ...

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harvard university campus houses various educational departments

All about how to get into Harvard University

Established in 1636, Harvard is a dream university based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Not only does it rank #3 in 2021's list of best universities worldwide, but Harvard University is also an Ivy League ...

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