Girl confused about the difference between CPT vs OPT

Difference between CPT vs OPT | Rules for working in USA

If you are an F-1 international student, you will have the option of training in the United States. But which is the best option for training? What are the rules of employment? That is where work options such as CPT vs OPT come in.While OPT and CPT have many similarities, there are actually very distinct differences when it comes to the application process. You can participate in practical training during ...

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Should you study Masters in Journalism abroad?

While news channels have shifted majorly from papers and magazines to podcasts and social media, the core of journalism has remained the same. So, if you're good at researching, writing, and storytelling, a career in journalism might be just the right choice! But know this - the job of a journalist is not easy (you might even have to fight the government someday). The only way to nail it is ...

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Girl telling us how to calculate GPA

How to calculate GPA? | The 4.0 GPA for universities abroad!

Are you confused about what is the GPA scale? I was too. Until I did some really extensive research and wrote this blog for you all! The scoring system for students is different from country to country. Some get their scores in percentages, others in points or grades. But, if you're thinking of applying to any university abroad, it is important to have your score converted to a GPA. Even ...

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tips to build a student profile

How to build an impressive student profile for a scholarship

When it comes to scholarships, it all boils down to your achievements and how you present them. There might be many people with similar scores but the question is, how are you different? To make your student profile look better than that of your fellow applicants', there are scholarship tips you can follow to develop your profile according to university requirements. Universities look at a student's entire profile before saying ...

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what is SAT exam

What is SAT exam and how to crack it? | Subjects, tips, & more!

What is SAT exam and how are you going to prepare for it? The SATs are an important metric that the universities use to measure a high school student's readiness for college. If you have just started researching, and know nothing about SAT exam, preparation, or other details, then read ahead. This blog covers all the details you need to know.What is SAT exam all about?Let's begin with knowing the ...

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Q & A session with Meghna Baid

Student experiences | Q & A session with Indian student in USA

You can read all the information you want in order to try and prepare yourself for the study abroad journey. But nothing will help as much as getting a direct account of student experiences that tell you what studying abroad is really like. Meghna was kind enough to give us all the deets about applying to PSU, part-time jobs, and what it was like to be an Indian student in USA. 1) ...

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Girl telling us about universities that do not require GRE

Top US schools that don’t require GRE

GRE is a standardized assessment required by most graduate schools in the US. Needless to say, the scores of the exam play a critical role in the admission process. However, there are some universities that do not require you to submit GRE scores for admission. In this blog, you can read about some of the top US schools that don't require GRE.   Columbia UniversityColumbia University is a proud member of the ...

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Top universities for MS in USA

Top universities that offer scholarships for MS in the USA

If you’re ambitious, you probably want a well-equipped location that can boost your drive for success. Not just that, you want to go to a prestigious university to pursue your master’s after finishing your bachelor’s. There’s no greater educational hub than the USA for pursuing your master’s education. Take a look at these top American universities where you can pursue your higher education without letting your finances hinder you.Massachusetts Institute of ...

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Boston University ranking, eligibility, fees, & more

How to get into Boston University | Ranking, eligibility, fees, & more!

Boston city is a hub for culture, art, and history. The proud capital of Massachusetts has a slew of pubs and restaurants, theatres, and concert halls. Residing in this city is one of the best universities in America - Boston University. With over 34,000 students, 17 schools, and over 300 programs of study, the Boston University ranking has risen to 42 according to THE ranking. In this blog, we are ...

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Applying to universities abroad

How to apply to universities abroad | The ultimate guide

Choosing the perfect university program and applying for it is already a complicated process. But abiding by the timelines and deadlines is even more complex. You can use this helpful step-by-step guide that tells you all about how to apply to universities abroad.Want to apply to schools for your higher education? Take a look at this video about how to apply to universities abroad!Step 1- Plan well in advance At least ...

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