7 highest paying Sarkari jobs you should know about

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Sarkari jobs have long been appreciated for their rewarding work profiles, exceptional benefits and generous pay scales. Check out this list of the 7 most happening sarkari jobs.

The public sector in India is ideal for developing successful professions in policymaking, public administration, law, tax & revenue, engineering, statistics, science, and other such fields. And obtaining a place in one of India’s highest-paying government positions is a dream of many students. These positions not only offer a lot of perks and amenities but also promise long-term work stability and good pay. According to recent statistics, the central government hired 87,423 candidates in the last financial year, visibly showing that the inclination of students towards sarkari jobs is fast rising. 

Following are 10 of India’s highest-paying sarkari jobs- 

1. Indian Administrative Services

IAS officer is one of the most sought-after occupations among the Indian youth. The role of the IAS officer is to manage administrative matters of the government. This includes framing policies for the State or Central government, supervising the implementation of those policies as well as maintaining law and order. They are also responsible for collecting revenue, supervising the expenditure of public funds, and are the primary consulting authority for ministers of the concerned department. This A-Grade government position includes many honorary benefits, a comfortable monetary compensation, and a fulfilling career.

2. Indian Foreign Services 

IFS-sarkari jobs
You will need to take a competitive exam to get into any division of the Indian public sector.

Like an IAS offer, an IFS officer is also recruited through the UPSC examination. These officers look after the external affairs of a country such as diplomacy, trade relations, as well as cultural relations, and regularly represent India at various international conventions. They frame the policies of India, while keeping in mind the initiatives of other nations. IFS officers work in embassies, consulates, and high commissions as well as the United Nations protecting and representing the interests of India as a country. They also work to serve the interests of Indians residing in the said country and report developments that can impact Indian policies.

3. Government banks

Government banks, like the State Bank of India and the Reserve Bank of India, host their own examinations to recruit young talent. This sarkari job has scope for frequent promotions and is among the highest paying government jobs in India. From working as a Branch Manager or Bank PO at the State Bank of India to working as a Grade-B officer at the Reserve Bank of India, all offers are similarly rewarding.

As for the job description- a Bank PO handles customer complaints and other customer related issues. They also perform managerial work such as supervising, managing cash flows as well as loans, mortgages etc. An RBI B grade officer, on the other hand, starts out as a manager and can be promoted up to the post of Deputy Governor. They get to work closely in the economic matters of the country. Like inflation and deflation rates, GDP, GNP etc., and also manage government bank accounts.

4. Defense Services 

The Defense sector in India hosts examinations like NDA, SSB and AFCAT to recruit candidates. You can join the military after completing high school or after graduating from college. The job role is risky and demanding, yet candidates have good opportunities for advancement.

There are different verticals you can opt for in the defense sector, such as the army, airforce, navy, coast guards, artilery etc. Some of the perks in these jobs include living quarters, a free ration allowance, as well as a pension upon retirement. Military officers are also given a budget for uniforms, transportation, and the education of their children in India as well as other nations. 

5. Professorships in public academic institutions

A job as a professor in a government institution will be rewarding for individuals who wish to enter the field of academia. You can work for government schools as wells government universities. And while you may not need to clear exams to be appointed as a professor, you will need a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in your subject of choice.

professor-sarkari jobs
Public university professors have a good room for advancement and can be promoted to positions like Lecturer and HOD.

This is an excellent sarkari job for aspirants who want to contribute to and work for social welfare. What’s more, you will have flexible working hours. Which means that if you do not have a class or other commitments at the institution, you may work from home at your leisure!

6. Government research and development

If you are interested in research and development in the field of science, then you can apply for positions at DRDO and ISRO. At DRDO, scientists work to develop new defense equipment and technologies for the Indian armed force. However, scientists at ISRO study stars, planets, galaxies as well as launch vehicles and satellites into space. You can also apply for engineer positions at these organizations.

ICAR is another rewarding government organization for scientists and engineers alike. Since agriculture is such a major part of India’s economy and livelihood, there is need for better research and technologies. As a part of ICAR, you will be responsible for analyzing farming methods and food production methods to enhance safety and crop yield.

7. Indian Forest Services

This is an ideal job profile for environmentalists and nature enthusiasts. The recruitment for the Indian Forest Service also takes place through the UPSC examination. As a Forest Officer, you will work for the conservation, protection and development of forests and wildlife. You will also be responsible for enhancing the livelihood opportunities of forest-dependent communities (rural and tribal) without disturbing the ecological stability.

Indian Forest Officers are also in charge of National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves, and the likes. They are required to abide by the National Forest Policy and implement sustainably manage natural resources throughout the country.


Q1. Are all Government jobs permanent? 

Answer – No, not all government jobs are permanent. Many government agencies are looking for people on a contract basis. UPSRTC, for example, recently requested applications for over a hundred contractual positions. 

Q2. Do government organizations have targets? 

Answer – In government sectors, deadlines, objectives, and performance are all important factors in evaluating employee performance. 

Q3. What are the working hours at a new sarkari job? 

Answer – If you look at the daily work hours of senior authorities, you’ll find that they’re approximately 10-11 hours. For beginners, it may be an average of 8 hours a day.

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