Best value colleges of 2021

The 7 best value colleges of 2021 | Fees, Scholarships, Jobs, and more!

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It’s no secret that a college education is expensive. So, many students ask the burning question: “Is college worth it?” My answer? Yes, and it’s much better when you’re studying in one of the best value colleges in the world.

Students spend an average of $99,417 USD over the course of their degree. This amount can easily stack up to a lot more when you move from an undergraduate course to a postgrad degree. However, believe us when we tell you this – your degrees are worth their costs. An international experience will provide you the exposure and the opportunities needed to skyrocket your career growth. And if you choose to graduate from one of the best value colleges in the world, well…

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employees with an internationally valued degree earn considerably more than high-school diploma holders. People who have a graduate degree also have a better chance to move up in their careers. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top 7 colleges with the best ROI.



California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California (CalTech)

Caltech University Campus. Caltech has one of the best College ROI
California Institute of Technology offers average scholarships worth $41,408 to students that prove their worth (

The university is 15 miles away from Los Angeles. The school only has 250 admissions per year with an admission rate of only 8%. CalTech offers various STEM degrees at an average tuition fee of $54,570. However, you can apply for scholarships and more than 60% of students benefit from some kind of financial aid.

The average starting salary of this school’s graduates is $79,300 per year. Education at Caltech not only allows you to study at one of the greatest institutes for science and engineering but also, avail an astounding ROI.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts (MIT)

Beautiful Campus of MIT. It has the Best ROI among colleges for engineering
MIT is the most sought after engineering and technology colleges in the United States (

Only the smartest and the most hardworking students have the opportunity to get into MIT. The university is ranked #1 in the QS World University Rankings. MIT’s admission rate stands at 7. The university has strong connections with the biggest names in the industry.

The average tuition fee is $55,450 for most programs in the university. Close to 91% of the students get some financial aid through scholarships, work-study, or loans.

The university also has one of the best ROI among colleges for engineering. The average starting salary is as high as $96,033 per annum. It can easily skyrocket to $100,000 or more!

5 Colleges with the Best ROI
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Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California (HMC)

HMC University Campus. HMC offers great return on investment college education
HMC’s alumni earn the highest mid-career salaries of all U.S. college and university graduates with bachelor’s degrees only (PC-

HMC can feel like both a small liberal arts college and a large university. The university offers programs for engineering and technology but also has a great collaborative environment.

The university has an admission rate of 14.5%. The average tuition fee of the program amounts up to $58,359 but 75% of the students can take advantage of financial aid. Students can benefit from an amazing ROI with an approximate median mid-career salary of $73,300.

SUNY – Maritime College, Bronx, New York

SUNY Maritime is one of the best ROI universities
SUNY Maritime is at the top among the only seven educational institutions offering degrees in the field of maritime (

This institute certainly ranks on the list of colleges with the best ROI. It is a public university with an admission rate of a solid 68%. This college is one of the oldest and largest maritime universities in the USA. Students have to wake up early, wear uniforms, and give on-ship duties full-military-style. However, you can prepare for any career you choose. Students aren’t obligated to serve in the military after graduation.

The average tuition fee is an amazing $17,659 for out-of-state students. With an average salary of $76,700, the university graduates can certainly reap a handsome ROI.

Stanford University, Stanford, California

Stanford is one of the Universities in the US with the best Return on Investment
The prestigious Stanford values scholastic quality and thus provides scholarships worth $50,134 (

Stanford is one of the most renowned universities in the US and is ranked as the second-best in the QS rankings. The university is located near the highly popular Silicon Valley. Students can take part in graduate programs for an average tuition fee of $64,450.

About 70% of students are fortunate recipients of financial aid from Stanford. In some cases, the university covers the tuition fees and even the expenses of rooms and board fees. The brilliant Stanford graduates earn an average salary of $88,567, making it one of the few best value colleges.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Institute of Technology --8TH Public institution
The 30-year net ROI at Georgia Tech is $1,389,000

With an average tuition of $31,370, Georgia Tech is known for its undergraduate and graduate programs, social and scientific impact, and world-class leadership. Here, you get to choose from a variety of courses that lead to high-paying jobs in several STEM industries. Like software, mechanical, aerospace, project, and civil engineering.

While pursuing your education at Georgia Tech, you will see that over 70% of students receive an average financial aid of $10,946 annually. Add to that the average salary of 72,000 dollars every year, and you’ve got yourself into one of the few best value colleges in the US.

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines
Roughly 3,700 students at CSM receive financial aid

As the name indicates, the Colorado School of Mines focuses on mining technology and the fields around it. Consequently, the graduates from this school go on to become geophysisysts, engineers, and mining officers. This earns them a high average salary of $80,900.

With an acceptance rate of 56%, the college offers an average amount of financial aid of $10,725 per year to its students. And over 66% of the college students recieve it, making it one of the best value colleges in the US.  

So which one should I choose?

My only suggestion to you is this – shortlist your colleges wisely.

Don’t just pick universities just because they have a good ROI. Choose them because you like the course and find the curriculum fascinating. And if that means you have to pay a bit more, do it.

In case you are facing any financial difficulties, email the university asking about scholarships, grants, and bursaries. If they say you might not be eligible for the same, return to this blog. Shortlist the best value colleges that you like, and apply!

You might end up at a place better than you had dreamed of.

And in case you get stuck, feel free to reach out to us or drop a comment. Until then, happy shortlising!

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