Difference between MS vs MBA

MBA Vs. MS: which is better for you?

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A master’s degree gives you an edge over your peers in a competitive job market. But how do you decide which is better for you in the battle of MBA vs MS?

Everything you learn today is a stepping-stone that leads you to the next phase of your life. Likewise, each degree you earn serves as the base for a prosperous career. A Master of Science or MS degree is a postgraduate specialization that focuses on a particular area of science. On the other hand, an MBA is a postgraduate program through which students can earn a broad multi-disciplinary business degree. As a science graduate who is capable of pursuing both, deciding which degree to pursue, an MS vs MBA, can be genuine confusion.

It is important to remember that while both MS and MBA have their own merits, you need to choose the side that best suits your expectations and requirements.

The following factors cover the differences between MS and MBA degrees. They will help you decide: MBA Vs MS, which is better for you?


Student checking the admission requirements before applying to MS or MBA
Some universities need students to take prerequisite courses in order to ensure that students enter with the skills necessary to be successful

The admission criteria is a major determining factor. Most universities have specific admission requirements for MS as well as MBA programs. Students might have to take additional exams like GMAT and GRE.

MBA programs require students to have prior working experience in the field they’re applying for. The requirement for work experience is usually a minimum of 1.5 – 2 years but it can vary depending on the university you choose. MS programs, on the other hand, are less demanding when it comes to work experience. However, any research experience or published scientific work you might have will definitely give you an edge over the other applicants.

Top factors for choosing between MS and MBA

Career Goals

It’s important to consider your future career path while considering which program to choose. Both MBA and MS are advanced degrees; your preference will solely depend on your career objectives. How you decide to utilize your degree is another important factor to keep in mind.

MS degrees are exclusively designed to develop expertise in a specific area. This type of degree provides you in-depth knowledge that no other degree can supplement. For engineering students, it’s better to choose a master’s in engineering vs. an MBA.

On the other hand, an MBA gives a more general business education. It can be helpful to students who are seeking a career in management and administration. It provides students the skills and the knowledge required to work in different industries.


Girl doing laboratory research in her MS program
Many universities offer research internships to students as part of their college coursework.

As far as complexity goes, both degrees are on par with each other. However, MS courses are more academic-oriented as compared to MBA courses. MS programs focus on traditional coursework and a lot of hands-on research. While MBA students also have a sufficient academic course time, they get trained through course-related work and internships.

Choice of School

Many aspects need to be considered before choosing a university for MS or MBA programs. Factors such as business internships offered for MBA programs and research opportunities for the MS programs should be noted.

You will also find a lot of upcoming business programs where students are being offered the chance to learn entrepreneurship and start their own business. 

Students should also be careful before making up their mind about studying at a specific school. It’s possible that you might not find an MBA or MS program of your choice at your desired school. You have to decide which is more important to you – the degree, or a school of your choice. If you have luck on your side, you can have it both ways.


A man drawing the trends that show differences between MS and MBA
More and more students are bucking the trend of pursuing a traditional MS or MBA degree in favor of specialized programs

Recent years have seen a drastic increase in specializations in master’s programs offered by business schools as well as the research institutions. While some students still prefer to opt for popular programs such as an MS in Computer science or an MBA in Finance, there are others who prefer to pursue more unconventional degrees. Specialization degrees such as MS in Finance or MBA in Biotechnology offer students a blend of both sciences as well as administration.



Your salary is one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a master’s course. It helps you see the return on the investment you’re making towards your education and gives you an idea about your future earning potential.

While both MS and MBA programs offer competitive pay, better career prospects, and opportunities to travel, one would triumph the other based on which program you choose. For example, a 1-year MBA course at INSEAD will pay you higher than a regular 2-year MBA program.

So, when choosing your program, make sure to consider how much the course costs, what your starting salary might be after graduation, and how much your earnings can grow over time.

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MBA Vs. MS: which is better for you?
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MBA Vs. MS: which is better for you?
Read about the major differences between getting an MS vs MBA degree and use these key factors to make your final decision.
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