Top MBA programs in USA

Top 10 MBA programs in USA | Rankings, fees, salaries, and more!

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Looking for an opportunity to skyrocket your career in business administration? Pursuing one of the top MBA programs in USA will help you do just that. Be it consulting, investment banking, bigtech, or marketing, these courses will open tons of doors for you after gradution.

It is no secret that the job market today is ruthless and allows no room for error. To climb the corporate ladder or shift to a better career path, you need to have the right qualifications. Getting an MBA degree from a prestigious university gives you the perfect opportunity to shift your career or take it to the next level. However, choosing the right university for an MBA in USA can be challenging for international students. In this blog, we are going to help you tackle that by providing a list of the top MBA programs in USA.

1) Stanford University

Stanford University campus building
Stanford Graduate school of Business’ average fellowship is approximately $40,000 per year or $80,000 in total awards (

An MBA at Stanford allows you to thrive as part of a community of leaders who are vastly impacting the world. Those who seek a challenging experience can pursue their MBA at Stanford University. The program allows 855 enrollments per year. The percentage of full-time graduates finding jobs after graduation stands at 94%. The tuition fee for Stanford is approximately $80,590 per year.

2) University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Wharton, University of Pennsylvania signboard.
Despite the steep tuition fee, Wharton provides a wide range of fellowship opportunities for several exceptional students (

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania gives you the business and leadership skills you need to realize your goals throughout your career. Their MBA program caters to 1,742 enrollments and can only be availed full-time. The tuition fee is approximately $80,432 per year for regular students. According to recent statistics, 98.5% of Wharton MBA graduates are offered full-time job offers right after graduation.

3) Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Kellogg School of Management glass building
The Kellogg School of Management has a network of 60,000+ alumni and 7 campuses worldwide (

The Kellogg School of Northwestern University offers a rigorous curriculum, diverse faculty, and unprecedented global learning experiences to its MBA students. The university is based in Evanston, Illinois, and allows 1,304 students to enroll every year. The fee for regular, full-time students is approximately $96,992 a year. On the other hand, the executive program costs $108,918.

4) University of Chicago (Booth)

Chicago Booth campus building is magnificent
Founded in 1898, Chicago Booth is the second-oldest business school in the world (

The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago has a distinctive intellectual culture. They accept 1,179 students for their program annually. Upon graduation, 95.1% of university graduates are employed by well-known firms. The approximate tuition fees for the MBA program are $77,200 annually. Those who wish to pursue the executive MBA are required to pay approximately $194,000 for the complete program.

5) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

MIT beautiful campus building
E*Trade, Gartner, Genentech, HubSpot, InVivo Therapeutics, Teradyne, and Zipcar, are some of the many companies founded by MIT Sloan alumni (

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Sloan School of Management at MIT is one of the most exceptional and distinguished options for an MBA in USA. The fee for full-time students is approximately $77,168 a year. While MIT only permits 813 students for the MBA program a year, more than 95.5% of MIT graduates are employed right out of college.

6) Harvard University

Harvard Business School main building
Harvard Business school has 8 Doctoral programs and 77 Executive education enrollment programs (PC-

The Business School at Harvard University is the place everyone dreams of going to when applying for an MBA degree. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the MBA fee for full-time students is approximately $68,440 per year. The university considers 1,873 students for enrollment in their prestigious program annually. After graduation, 90% of Harvard MBA graduates are employed by reputable companies.

7) University of California – Berkeley (Haas)

traditional campus of University of Berkeley.
University of California–Berkeley (Haas) has over 41,000 alumni in more than 80 countries (PC-

The Haas Business School at the University of California is a dream choice for MBA students. The university is located in Berkeley, CA. 330 students are handpicked for their distinguished MBA program each year. At the time of graduation, 75.50% of graduates are successful at finding lucrative jobs. The fee structure for students studying full-time is $64,246 and $3,464 per credit for part-time courses. Along with this, the university has priced the executive masters at $194,000 for both in-state and out-of-state students.

8) Columbia Business School

Ancient and magnificent campus building of Columbia Business School.
Columbia Business School offers daily access to influential industry leaders to its students (

Students looking for an MBA program in New York should look no further than the Columbia Business School at Columbia University. The university enrolls 1,297 candidates in their MBA program. The tuition fee is $77,376 per year for regular students. About 92% of full-time graduates from the Columbia Business School find jobs after graduation. For those interested in applying to the Columbia Business School,

9) Yale University

Yale School of Management building and billboard.
Yale’s School of Management believe in teaching their students how markets work and how to build a thriving organization (PC-

For all those seeking premier MBA programs, the School of Management at Yale University should be your top choice. The university is based in New Haven, Connecticut. The fee for regular full-time students is approximately $72,350 per year. Executive students can avail the program for approximately $1,98,500 overall. The university selects 350 students for its prestigious program every year.

10) New York University (Stern)

New York University
The business school also allows students to pursue an executive MBA

The full-time MBA program at NYU’s Stern School of Business invites hundreds of students from all over the world. Here, you can choose to specialize in consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, retail, marketing, and  6 other areas of interest. One of the top MBA programs in USA, Stern’s full-time MBA costs $76,780 per year, but the ROI on your education here is a good reason to apply. You’ll see multinational companies like HBO, JP Morgan, Novartis, Greenwave, and many other employers recruiting from the Stern School of Business.

Which university is the best for me?

First decide which course type you find interesting. Do you want to become a consultant or would you prefer to work in investment banking? Once you know that, you can shortlist the universities of your choice. But while doing so, make sure you’re eligible to apply there.

Once you have decided which colleges you’re going to apply to, it’s time to prepare for the standard tests. At the same time, I suggest you start collating all the documents you’ll need for your application.

And in case you get stuck or need help shortlisting the top MBA programs in USA according to your profile, feel free to reach out. We’d be very happy to help!

All the best!

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