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What is Software Engineering? | 5 facts you must know!

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Software Engineers are the ones that create the perfect code for this connected and lucid world. If you’ve been asking yourself questions like, “What is Software Engineering?” What do Software Engineers learn? Then join us as we deconstruct it all for you.

Software is now ubiquitous. Gone are the days when we used analog switches to perform functions and calculations. Now, everything is doable with just a few lines of code. Software is the new magic, and software engineers, therefore, the new wizards and witches! Software Engineering has quickly become one of the most coveted fields of study in the world, and people are flocking to become Software Engineers. But, what is software engineering? What does it include? Is it for everyone? How to become a software engineer? 

If you’re curious about the answers to these questions, keep reading.

What is Software Engineering?

Learn all about the software engineering industry to choose your career path wisely.

Before we get to that, let’s first understand what software and engineering mean as independent terms. 

Software is a set of programs that contain instructions to provide the desired functionality. For example, any app on your phone, any website you visit on the internet (like this one!) is software. Software is the language that computers speak!

Engineering, on the other hand, is a branch of science and technology. It involves the use of certain principles concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. Too technical? Simply put, engineering is concerned with the design and construction of new objects that have a function, ranging from buildings to software.

As defined by IEEE, Software Engineering is a systematic and quantifiable approach to the design, operation, and maintenance of software. 


Why is Software Engineering so popular?

Well, there are so many reasons for it. Apart from the monetary benefits and the expanding scope of the profession, here are a few practical reasons why there is a boom in this part of the employee workforce : 

  1. Dynamic field: Software is ever-growing. It adapts to the needs of the world, and it depends on the environment the user is working in. There is no dearth of new updates in software!
  2. Variety: There are dozens of programming languages available across the world. These, in turn, depend on various parameters and serve various purposes. Whatever use-case you can think of, there is a language or a stack for it. 
  3. Adaptability: Software adapts to the growing needs and demands of the markets and environment. Whether it is a need related to civil engineering or mechanical engineering, there is software for it. This software is maintained and updated by relevant professionals.
  4. Scalability: It is relatively easy to scale an existing program to become an application that serves millions of users.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Today, we can solve many problems by building an app that works from the palm of your hand. This ensures that a “separate machine for everything” scenario doesn’t occur unless you have specialized needs.
  6. Interdisciplinary impact: There is possibly no field that software hasn’t touched. From sports analytics to manufacturing and civil engineering to medicine, everyone relies on software.

Now that you know a bit about Software engineering and its popularity, let’s read some amazing facts about this industry.

Facts about Software Engineering

A degree relevant to the career you want to pursue is always advantageous.

1. How to become a Software Engineer? 

Usually, to get good at anything, you need practice! But in this case, practice alone isn’t going to cut it. Yes, there are self-taught programmers out there who are extremely brilliant. But it is preferred that you hold a professional degree in Computer Science to understand concepts deeply and learn in a challenging environment of practice and support. 

You can opt for a software engineering course from a myriad of options available. Some of these include: 

  • A B.E or a B.Tech in Computer Science or Software Engineering is the most coveted entry-level Graduate Degree that leads you into the Software realm. 
  • Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA) or a B.Sc. in Computer Science. 

These are 3-4 year courses that will prepare you for a career in the software industry.

If you want to study further, you can go for a specialization degree like a Master’s in Computer Science or an MCA Degree. If academia is more your scene, you could also go for a Doctorate. You can choose a software engineering course as per your short-term and long-term goals. 

2. Top Universities to pursue a Software Engineering course

Universities all around the world offer a degree in Computer Science. It is one of the most evergreen fields of study on the planet. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Computer Science, then do check out these top schools in the world known for developing world-class talent.

3. How to get into a top university? 

Once you’ve shortlisted your preferred universities for applications, you will have to go through their websites and understand the admission requirements. However, a few requirements are general and remain common across all universities.

Make sure you have these documents handy while you are applying to universities: 

  • Transcripts
  • Statements of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • A Resume/ CV
  • Proofs of Language Proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Test Scores). This is required for International Universities.
  • Some Universities also expect Standard Test Scores like GRE or GMAT scores.

4. What is the scope of learning? 

There is no dearth of sub-fields to specialize in when it comes to Software. You could choose Front End Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, etc.) or opt for Backend Development (Python, Java, Ruby, etc.), or root for Database Development (SQL, NoSQL, etc.). 

You could go on to become a Full-Stack Engineer (someone who does all of the above) if you wish to. Cutting-edge strides are being made in fields like Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Sky’s the limit for your imagination of specialization in Software. But, with the advent of software-controlled rockets and payload launches, even the sky isn’t!

5. How much is a software engineer’s salary?

Software engineering opens doors of opportunities for you. You just need to find the right path.

Thinking about a software engineer’s salary? Let’s have a look at some of the highest-paying countries in the world for Software Engineering. All figures are average salaries for Software Developers from the latest 2021 surveys. 

  • USA : $110,638
  • Switzerland : $95,394
  • New Zealand : $46,229
  • Norway : $64,202
  • Denmark : $72,151
  • United Kingdom : $42,394
  • Sweden : $51,396
  • Germany : $60,162
  • Netherlands : $54,025
  • Finland : $49,203
  • Australia : $53,669
  • France : $46,508

These are average numbers and can vary based on the type of software you work with and the experience you have in the field. And lastly, the average salary of a Software Engineer in India is around ₹6L per year for entry-level jobs. The rule of thumb is, the more you know, and the better you can perform, the more you make!

Software Engineering- An ever-growing industry!

So there you have it- all about software engineering, courses, universities, and beyond. From what we know about the all-pervading domain of software, it is here to stay and grow. 

Software Engineering is a difficult but equally rewarding field. It is a wonderful career choice for persons who are passionate about developing software-based solutions to societal challenges.

As far as the Return on Investment (ROI) is concerned, it is highly rewarding to do a Software Engineering Degree from almost anywhere in the world. Most ROI ratios go into ranges around 100%-150% starting salary as compared to the college fees for the duration of the degree. Software Engineers are among some of the most successful and smartest humans on the planet. Thinking about how Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Ellison made it big?

Depending on their knowledge and areas of expertise, Software Engineers can practically work in any corner of the world. If you still have the question—what is software engineering, we can help. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding this or studying abroad. 

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