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Top 5 fashion courses list for 2021 | Which one to choose?

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Dream of Fashion but don’t know how to make a career out of it? Use our ‘Top 6 Fashion courses list’ to find the unique fashion designing course that suits your creativity, skills, and interests!

Fashion design is an ever-growing, ever-evolving field. Today, it has started to make space for creators from all walks of life – you don’t have to be a Fashion Designer to make a name in the industry!  And international fashion institutions understand that. They offer bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in a whole range of fields. Let’s take a look at the top 6 in this ‘Fashion courses list.’ 

Fashion Design

The first professional degree that pops into our minds is ‘Fashion Designing,’ which is essentially dedicated to creating clothes and lifestyle accessories.

This course is for students who have a keen artistic taste, an eye for detail, a good understanding of the customer’s lifestyle, and can express their vision on paper.

Fashion Designer
The course will also prepare you to be a Fashion Show Organizer or a Fashion Concept Manager

Your curriculum will cover a lot of subjects, including Sketching, Computer-Aided Design, Draping, Pattern Making, Design Process, Color mixing, Garment Construction, Consumer Behaviour, Distribution Management, and so much more!

If you find this interesting, you can check out the top global universities offering a Fashion Designing course-

  • Parsons, The New School For Design, New York, United States
  • Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, United States
  • London College of Fashion, London, United Kingdom
  • Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
  • Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Paris, France
  • ESMOD, Paris, France

Jewelry Design

For students who are interested in accessorizing, studying Jewelry Design is a great career option. The course will teach you how to design and create jewelry. You will also learn about quality control and how to promote jewelry through branding and advertisement.

Jewelry Design
After graduation, you could work for jewelry stores, manufacturing companies, or establish a brand of your own

Consequently, the subjects you will be studying include Elements of Design, Grading, Gemology, Material for Design, Metallurgy, Digital Representation, Stone setting, CAD, Product Planning, etc. Several top universities offer courses covering these subjects, including-

Textile Management

Usually offered at the postgraduate level, a degree in Textile Management will enable you with the business skills needed to manage products, e-commerce, brands, and marketing campaigns for major clothing companies. The degree is for students who have a good sense of fashion, management skills, and a lot of creativity.

Textile manager
An Operations Manager or a Product Marketing Manager in the Fashion industry is a great position to have

The subjects you will learn during this course include Apparel Quality Standards, Fabric Production Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Advertising, International Business, etc. Some of the top colleges for learning Textile Management are-

Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management

Also known as Fashion Marketing, this field is an undenaibly important aspect of the Fashion Industry. No matter how many garments you make, which stones you use, or good you are a styling, if you don’t know how to sell your work, it’s not going to be seen. This is where students with a great sense of fashion and brand management come in. If you’re interested in fashion, business AND design, the course in Fashion Marketing is for you.

Fashion Merchandising
You can be working for Fashion Brands, PR Agencies, or for an E-commerce website as a Fashion Retailer

It will teach you everything about Fashion Business, Cultures, Internet Marketing, Finances, Business Law, Global Markets, PR Strategies, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, and much more. Find these courses at-

  • Institut Français de la Mode, Paris, France
  • London College of Fashion, London, United Kingdom
  • Savannah College of Art, Savannah, United States
  • Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, United States
  • Polimoda, Florence, Italy
  • Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, United States

Fashion Styling 

An emerging field in the industry of Fashion Design, Fashion Styling revolves around creating the perfect look based on one’s personality, an event, a theme, or ongoing trends. The job involves interacting with designers, models, photographers, managing shoots, and creating fashion images for magazines, brands, and production houses.

Fashion Stylist
Popular companies like Vogue, Myntra, H&M, and Gap offer considerable salaries to Stylists

A Fashion Styling course will prepare you for this with subjects like Commercial Styling, Clothing and Style, Personal Shopping, Professional Etiquette, Celebrity Styling, Art Direction, Working with Public Relations, and more. The top universities where you can learn this are-

Which one should I choose?

To find out which of these courses is the best for you, first write down what your skillset and interests are. For example, let’s say you want to study Styling and are good at color mixing and understanding consumer behavior.

Now, highlight what you’re not good at. In this case, let’s consider you need to work on your communication skills, which can be detrimental to the role of a Stylist. See if you’re willing to work on your skillset and improve it through that course. Make sure the university you’re going to offers a program with a curriculum that suits you. Then, choose one from this fashion courses list!

In case you get stuck or have any doubts, please feel free to drop a comment or reach out to us. We’d be very happy to help!

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