iSchoolConnect partners with Google Cloud Platform

iSchoolConnect is now a proud Google Cloud partner!

Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by iSchoolConnect

You’ve known iSchoolConnect as the unique AI-powered study abroad experts. Now, we have partnered with the Google Cloud Platform to ensure that we’re better equipped to help you!

Wondering what it means that iSchoolConnect is a Google Cloud partner? Read on to find out more about how it helps students all around the globe.

A quick background

Our first association with Google began in 2018. We were offered assistance from Google Cloud, which gave us the resources to develop our AI services and create 4 amazing tools that would help students plan their study abroad journey from the comfort of their home! These tools were:

  • CASIE- The iSchoolConnect Chatbot
  • AI-based Recommendation Engine
  • Writing Mentor Tool
  • Video Interview Analyzer (VIA)

The process of applying to colleges and universities abroad can be very difficult for universities as well as students. There are multiple factors that affect a student’s admission to an institution abroad. The entire process of finding the right university, course, applications, essays, scholarships, visa interviews, and more, can take more than a year sometimes. So, iSchoolConnect decided to devise some tools that students could use from their home to ensure that they get unbiased, hassle-free services.

What’s the other side of the story?

Similar to the issues students face, universities worldwide also face some unprecedented issues. There is a huge volume of applications, a large number of requirements, and a high speed at which institutions need to make decisions. For that reason, admissions offices were increasingly turning to modern technologies as answers to long-standing challenges. That’s where iSchoolConnect came into the picture as a Google Cloud Partner and assisted them using another unique set of AI technologies.

iSchoolConnect was founded with the goal of connecting students with admissions offices and demystifying the entire process through artificial intelligence.

“The average amount of time taken by a student to apply to universities abroad is 200 hours. With our advanced AI-tools and our partnership with the Google Cloud Platform, we plan on reducing that time to 15 hours for every study abroad aspirant”

Ashish Fernando, Founder and CEO, iSchoolConnect

How do iSchoolConnect’s tools work?

CASIE- The AI chatbot

A chatbot that answers all the questions you might have about studying abroad. Sounds good, right? CASIE, iSchoolConnect’s AI chatbot can be found on all our main pages. It has all the answers from questions about your university to that about your visa process. All you have to do, is ask!

Recommendation Engine

This amazing tool provides university recommendations based on your profile. Our AI recommendation engine has always been one of our finest products. But with our collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform, it has scaled to great finesse!

Writing Mentor Tool

When it comes to university applications, your Essay/SOP can make or break your chances of getting into your dream university. This amazing tools has been developed to help you identify-

  • Grammar check – Checks for grammatical errors 
  • Word count – Counts the total number of words used  
  • Long paragraph identification – Identifies very long unreadable paragraphs within the text, and more!

Not only that but there is also a section designated for the analysis and presence or absence of criteria such as:

  • Self-motivation 
  • Academic experience
  • Work experience 
  • Choice of program
  • Choice of school, and more.

 Video Interview Analyzer (VIA)

If you’re worried about acing your visa interview, this tool is made to help you. It helps you completely prepare for the most important aspects of your visa interview by conducting a mock session.

When you use the VIA tool, it analyzes major parameters such as:

  • Facial movements
  • Emotions
  • Behavioral characteristics

By the time you appear for your visa interview, you’re all set to nail it!

The idea behind iSchoolConnect has always been about guiding students through their study abroad journey in the most hassle-free manner possible. However, with more students like you coming in every hour, iSchoolConnect needed to move to a bigger scale. That scale is what the Google Cloud Platform has helped us achieve and will continue to do so. As, our CEO, Ashish likes to say, onwards and upwards!

Rashmi Kango

A writer by day and a reader by night, Rashmi is a quirky cog, in the wheel that is iSchoolConnect. She spends her days writing intriguing and informative articles about all things Higher-Ed.

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