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7 benefits of studying abroad | Study abroad guide

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It is every student’s dream to study abroad and yet, we all wonder if moving to a different country for higher education is worth it. I suggest you take a look at these 7 sure-shot benefits of studying abroad before making your decision.

The number of international students studying abroad has been steadily increasing by 12 percent each year. Students across the globe are realizing the merits and benefits of studying abroad. While some of these include better quality of education and access to high-end research facilities, others talk about better job opportunities and higher salaries.

So, if you’re confused about your future plans and feel unsure if you should study in your own country, work, or study abroad, we have the perfect list of the benefits of studying abroad for you! There are numerous ways in which studying abroad benefits you, both in the long and short term. Take a look at them one by one.

1) Travel and explore the world

Two girls traveling on a scooter
While studying abroad, make a list of ‘Can’t-miss experiences’ and manage your budget accordingly!

Having the opportunity to experience a country other than your own is one of the many reasons to study abroad. In addition to discovering a new country, you will also experience a different culture and a new way of going about your daily life.

Most college programs for international students include interesting trips and excursions for students to discover the local area. What makes it even more exciting is that there will definitely be other foreign students so you get to explore the new country with some newfound friends. You will also get the opportunity to travel into neighboring countries and areas which can make life far more interesting than if you had remained in your home country to study.

2) Learn and master new languages

Group of students holding speech bubbles because of the language barrier
The best way to learn and practice a new language is to make local friends

If you decide to study in a non-English speaking country, you will need to learn another language. Not only is this an incredibly useful tool while traveling, but it will also look great on your resume

Did you know that most employers value the fact that a candidate has knowledge of another language? This is one of the many career benefits of studying abroad, especially if you know how to speak one of the most useful languages in the business world, such as French, Spanish, or Chinese!

3) Benefit from education and job opportunities

Girl speaking confidently at an interview
Studying abroad benefits include the ability to handle various professional and multicultural situations with finesse

Two of the biggest reasons why students choose to study abroad are education and career. Universities across the globe offer specialized programs for a variety of subjects. While pursuing your program abroad isn’t mandatory, the universities there offer a well-rounded and holistic education that will surely benefit you in the future.

Not only that, but it also exposes you to a multitude of career opportunities. Studies suggest that students who study abroad receive a 25% higher starting salary than their peers who did not.

4) Make lifelong friends

Make new friends
The network of friends you create will help you grow both intellectually and emotionally

Learning from an experienced faculty and getting access to the latest lab equipment are not the only benefits of studying abroad at a university. One of the major reasons why students prefer to fly overseas for their education is meeting like-minded peers. 

This will not only give you a circle of friends you can always rely on but also provide you with an opportunity to interact with like-minded people. Moreover, these friends will themselves go on to accomplish great things and build successful careers. Being in touch with them will mean that you can collaborate with your friends for your future endeavors or, at least, ask them for help when you’re in need.

5) Skyrocket your confidence

Girl confidently shaking hands at an interview
One of the biggest career benefits of studying abroad is that it allows you to increase confidence in your own analysis of situations

Relocating to another country (even if it is just to study) is not for the fainthearted. It can be challenging at times. So, why study abroad when it can be so difficult? Well, for one, it helps to build character and will improve your self-confidence by leaps and bounds! It helps you gain valuable communication and interpersonal skills that will certainly help you in your professional life.

Studying abroad puts you outside of your comfort zone (in a good way) and it can be highly beneficial to learn a new way of living: from eating different types of food to learning how to navigate the new city’s public transport system. Having studied in a foreign country shows potential employers that you have leadership skills and can not only work well but also thrive in a new environment.

6) Gain independence

Gain independence
Mastering adulting 101 will be your first accomplishment when studying abroad

When you choose to study abroad, you have to learn how to do everything by yourself. Be it studying, cooking, grocery shopping, working part-time, or paying taxes. You also have to find time to travel and chill with friends. This pushes you to learn how to be independent.

So, at the end of it all, not only will you have a degree from a reputed university, you will have acquired a new attitude. This is what will open doors for you in the future. It is the independence you earn through this degree that will land you a job, give you a skyrocketing career, and turn the eyes of everyone you meet in your life.

7) Broaden your horizons

Girl with her arms spread out exploring the new country
Traveling and studying abroad gives you the chance to interact with a global community of thinkers and academics

One of the main academic benefits of studying abroad is that you open your mind to new experiences and you train your mind to think about things differently and from another perspective. Your worldview may shift and you will begin to think about what is really important to you in life.

Perhaps you will discover something new and exciting that you would never have encountered in your home country. This can become a lifelong skill and can form the foundation of a great life and career in the future.

Disadvantages of studying abroad

Of course, there are both disadvantages and advantages of studying abroad. One of the biggest disadvantages of studying abroad is feeling nostalgic about your family, friends, and old way of life. You’ll be far away from home for significant family events which might make you feel a little left out.

But the advantages of studying abroad far outweigh the disadvantages. If you decide to study abroad, I can guarantee that you’ll come back as a better and happier person.

Studying abroad is a monumental dream that many students want to fulfill. However, it can also be a very confusing and complicated process. iSchoolConnect helps students with the end-to-end study abroad process. From choosing the right program to getting into your dream university, we guide you through it all. So, if you need help with your study abroad applications, reach out to us.

We’d be very happy to help!

7 benefits of studying abroad | Study abroad guide
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7 benefits of studying abroad | Study abroad guide
Not sure if you should study abroad, continue studying in your country, or work? Look at these 7 benefits of studying abroad before deciding!
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