This blog is about DIY ideas for your aesthetic dorm room to make it feel cozy

9 amazing ideas for an aesthetic dorm room | With DIY videos

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Your college dorm room is your haven for your entire college life.  It’s the place where you study until your eyes tire, where you eat to your heart’s content, party till you drop, and sleep to avoid the world outside. So what can you do to make yourself an aesthetic dorm room – a place that you can always come back to and relax?

You add your own personal touch to it of course! Your room may be small and plain like most dorms are, but there are various DIY ideas to make it as comfy and cozy as possible. Here are a few creative ways to create an aesthetic dorm room for yourself.

1) Your Hang-ups

One of the easiest and the most hassle-free DIY ideas for your room is to put up frames and posters.  The posters, banners, pictures, or quotes that you put up on your walls add character to your room. Anybody who walks in will see this dorm room decoration, which is a direct reflection of your personality. So hurry up and put up a few inspirational quotes, photo frames, and movie posters that match your aesthetic!

2) Lit on fleek

The string lights add a magical quality to your room. Not only are they a great alternative for a table lamp, but they are also easy to put up and remove. You can use some aesthetic dorm room ideas and stuff some empty colorful glass bottles with the string lights and keep them on your window sill. Or you could just go the old-fashioned way and make a nice pattern on the wall with the lights.

3) Storage revamp

Storing your things in various boxes is not just decorative but also practical. If you arrange it well, you can make full use of your given closet space. Instead of simply folding your clothes in your closet, why not store them in some colorful storage boxes? For storing your pens, lipsticks, and other accessories, you can always use some handy mason jars or colorful containers.

4) A quirky Pinboard

When you’re a student, your study table gets a lot of attention. So why not make it more appealing? You can definitely take up this dorm room idea and create your own pinboards that can hold various things. This board can go above your study table and give you something to look at when you get tired of studying. You can put up your post-its, cute photographs, doodles, motivational quotes, and even hang up your headphones!

5) Some cute wall-hangings

Fixtures from the ceiling add more depth to the room. Wall hangings come in all shapes and forms and are one of the most aesthetic dorm room DIY ideas. Take cues from this LaurDIY video that talks all about drawing the vision vertically into the room, making it look more spaced out!

6) Floating bookshelves

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you’ve heard this dialogue – “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.” And what better place to show off your books than on a levitating bookshelf? Using a handful of tools and only a handful of wall-space, you can add 10-15 of your favorite reads for display!

7) Plants

Out of the tens of DIY dorm room ideas, this one is my favorite. You could either add several small plants to your desk, build a terrarium, or even pot a few nurturing plants just outside your window. This not only makes a room look more inviting but also adds a peaceful vibe to it.

8) Handmade lamps

A lamp is one of the easiest things you can make by yourself to give a lasting glow to your room. Not only that, but you will also be able to read, take Insta-worthy selfies, or simply lie down and stare at the ceiling. Which leads me to another idea – glow-in-the-dark stickers!

9) Rope basket

As we all know, going to college is not easy. You have to make time for studying, cooking, paying your bills, working part-time, and so much more. Keeping your dorm room clean becomes super-exhausting. There’s no better way to avoid that than an aesthetic looking basket where you can keep your things temporarily.

One final addition to your dorm is your friends. Nothing creates the kind of comfortable, cozy, and warm atmosphere in a room like a close-knit group of your favorite people in the world. So make sure you show off your aesthetic dorm room decorating ideas to your friends.

If you have any other DIY dorm room ideas, let us know in the comment section!

9 amazing ideas for an aesthetic dorm room | With DIY videos
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9 amazing ideas for an aesthetic dorm room | With DIY videos
How make your aesthetic dorm room as cozy and cool as possible? Add your own personal touch! Check out these 9 awesome DIY dorm room ideas.
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