Study abroad scholarships

Top 30 Study abroad scholarships in 2020-2021

College education is expensive and scholarships and grants are your only option of reducing your tuition fees. However, finding accurate and updated information about scholarships for studying overseas is practically impossible. This blog will give you a complete list of the top 30 study abroad scholarships that you can apply to in 2020. Everyone wants scholarships for studying abroad and yet, very few know how to find scholarships or even apply ...

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How to apply for scholarships for studying abroad | Application tips inside!

Studying abroad may sound too expensive for you to afford, but that’s a common misconception. There are thousands of scholarships for studying abroad that are just waiting for you! All you have to do is know about how to apply for scholarships. If you’re thinking of going abroad for your higher education, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Here at iSchoolConnect, we want to help you understand ...

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The blog talk about how to write a scholarship application

10 Amazing tips to create an ideal scholarship application

Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for your education abroad. Many students all over the world apply for it but only a handful ever get it. Here's how you can be one of them. Studying at a world-renowned university or institute abroad is an expensive affair and not everybody can afford the costs, but that should not hinder your aspirations of pursuing your dream education. Universities offer help ...

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Funding for education abroad

5 simple ways to get funding for education abroad

Why does money always have to be the limiting factor when it comes to fulfilling your dreams of studying abroad? There are various ways to get funding for education abroad. To help you along, we've made a list of the best ways to manage your finances for studying abroad. Most of you aspiring for a sky-high career probably spent nights browsing through brochures of dream schools like MIT, Harvard, Yale or ...

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