6 Higher-Ed tech. products that will make your university GenZ ready

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Generation Z is fast approaching and they bring on a new technological age with them. So the question arises: Is your university ready for them?

Meeting the technological demands of the upcoming generations and optimizing the enrollment processes accordingly, is an absolute necessity. The only way to do that is for educators to embrace the newly emerging technology trends in higher education. Here we mention some Higher-Ed tech. products that will make your university ready for Generation Z.

1) Conversational AI

CASIE the conversational AI chatbot answering questions 24/7
CASIE provides students as well as the faculty with a seamless human-like conversational experience

This generations affinity to the internet and their devices can be utilized by engaging with them on various online platforms. Which is what the Conversational AI facilitates. iSchoolConnect’s friendly conversational AI chatbot CASIE is a virtual assistant that schools can deploy on their website, mobile apps, and all social channels. This chatbot can understand thousands of questions posted by students and can respond accurately within a split second. It is available 24/7 and helps universities engage better with their students while simplifying the student experience.

2) Video Interview Analysis

Video interview analysis tool analyzing the facial expressions of the candidate
The VIA can cater to multiple students at a time and get an immediate evaluation of the students’ performance in the interview

What if you could ensure that your students ace their job interviews? The Video interview analysis is a handy tool for the schools’ Career Services Office. It analyses a variety of parameters such as facial movement, gestures and voice pitch and gives you detailed insights on the candidate’s confidence, assertiveness and several other behavioral characteristics. It allows students to take job interview training from their mobile devices and get real-time feedback on their performance.

3) Google Cloud Platform

The Google cloud platform is a major technology trend in higher education

Higher education institutions like Northeastern University and MIT use GCP to reinforce the future of higher education

Google cloud’s simple tools such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Drive offer many benefits of technology in Higher education. They enable multi-user editing and real-time collaboration between students and faculty at all times. Google docs, in particular, allow educators to build out templates in the cloud so that they don’t lose the formatting. All these tools allow students to maintain easy communication with educators, make citations, coordinate group projects and so much more.

4) Essay and SOP Analyser

Use of Essay and SOP analyser in higher education
This analyzing tool identifies the written content within paragraphs such as motivation, work experience etc.

Essays and statements of purpose are paramount for assessing the students’ academic excellence. iSchoolConnect’s unique technology can analyze every paragraph to give you detailed insights on its context along with instantly flagging issues with grammar, plagiarism and sentence structure. This significantly reduces evaluation time and effort put in by the institute’s employees. Alternatively, students can utilize this tool to improve their performance and write better essays.

5) Virtual reality for Higher-Ed

Virtual reality is the future of higher education
Virtual reality allows students to practice their skills by facilitating a hands-on experience

Augmented/Virtual Reality is a mesmerizing piece of technology that allows students to experience and learn subjects by engaging with the VR environment. This unique Higher-Ed tech. product holds a lot of potential in classrooms. Along with the benefits of this technology in higher education, VR also helps students recognize the challenges they might face in a professional working environment.

6) Document Recognition

The Document recognition tool is a higher ed technology trend that simplifies admission processes
This revolutionary tool aids universities in compiling documents and understanding the content in each one of them.

This brilliant tool drastically increases the efficiency of the university’s enrollment process. It automatically identifies and labels essential student documents such as transcripts and résumés. The document recognition tool can read and extract data from sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages written in natural English and store the relevant information within your database.

Incorporating these tools will help you reinforce your institute’s enrollment process with cutting-edge Higher-Ed tech. Consequently, this use of higher education technology will have your university GenZ ready. To find out more about introducing this tech. in your institutions visit iSchoolConnect.

Ashish Fernando

Ashish Fernando is the whole and sole of the remarkable ed-tech start-up, iSchoolConnect. Ashish is a brilliant edupreneur, passionate about reinventing the international admissions process, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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