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Get the Best Education and Career Advice from this EDUCAUSE Video

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Top Industry novices from the EDUCAUSE fraternity get candid about what they feel is the perfect mix to winning the game.

This EDUCAUSE video is a must-watch for all aspiring business leaders.

Do you know the difference between a Mentor, Coach and a Sponsor?

Diane Butler, Associate Vice President, Rice University stresses the need to have coaches, mentors, and sponsors for career progress in the first 5 formative years of joining a job. She succinctly differentiates between the three and reasons out why all of them are equally important to boost your career. According to her, a coach is someone who helps you to handle problems and guides you to come through it all. A mentor is someone with whom you build a lasting relationship. She stresses the need for multiple mentors who could inspire you in your life as well as career. A sponsor is someone who would help you get to the next level either by passing on milestone assignments or recommending you to someone significant.

Be curious about Everything

Carol Smith, Chief Information Officer, Depauw University says straightforwardly” Be that person who gets the things done”. She tells us to be that person who takes on challenges, deconstructs them and finds a pathway to achieve it. Agility is about flexibility and curiosity. Technology changes rapidly. And as a student, you have to be always on the outlook for the next big opportunity. Stay curious and look forward to learning new things.

Taking up New Challenges by Partnering with People who have New Ideas

Allan Gyorke, Chief Academic Technology Officer, University of Miami tells students and career professionals not to be afraid to take new challenges. He suggests partnering with interesting people with new ideas by reaching out to them. Who knows your idea could lead you to your next milestone? It is important to synergize efforts and learn from other people around you

Develop Expertise in Your Chosen Field

Stephanie Bulger, Vice Chancellor of Instructional Services, San Diego Community College District suggests career professionals develop an expertise in an area. She says so as it establishes credibility in one’s professional space. Eventually, it leads people to trust your work and thereby extending opportunities which could be of great interest.

Be Eager to Learn Something New

Brad Wheeler, Vice President for IT and CIO, Indiana University talks about how everyone should show up for things where they get to learn something new. He suggests each individual be a part of a team that draws positive attention. Being open to learning new things is the key to achieving one’s Goal

Career Advice that helps students to chart their own course path

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