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10 Amazing tips to create an ideal scholarship application

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Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for your education abroad. Many students all over the world apply for it but only a handful ever get it. Here’s how you can be one of them.

Studying at a world-renowned university or institute abroad is an expensive affair and not everybody can afford the costs, but that should not hinder your aspirations of pursuing your dream education. Universities offer help in the form of scholarships, to a limited amount of students. These scholarships can range from 5%-100%. So what’s the secret to getting that scholarship of your dreams and reducing your education loan burden? The answer is: A well-presented scholarship application!

Whether you are applying for a scholarship given by a university or an organization, it is vital that you present an impressive application. Something that has the “Wow!” factor that convinces them that you are the best candidate among the rest and that giving you this economical support will result in something very rewarding, as you would make the most of it.

Yes, it can be a tough process; we do not deny it. But we think using the following tips when filling out your scholarship application will take you a step further to getting that coveted scholarship. And if that happens, don´t you think it’s worth the try and all the efforts?

10 remarkable suggestions for when filling out your scholarship application:

1)  Investigate which scholarships are available.

Look for a suitable scholarship
Browse through the hundreds of scholarships available for studying abroad.

And do it with anticipation, so you can be sure to meet all the requirements and deadlines set. Besides, don´t jump over the first one you find, think before choosing which of the offered scholarships will benefit you the most and apply to them. Bonus tip: Make sure you don’t apply to scholarships that you aren’t eligible for. Organizations don’t appreciate that!

2)  The story behind the scholarship: A plus if you use it.

Sometimes scholarships are named after inspiring individuals or organizations who wish to support students to achieve their educational goals. The reasons for them doing so are countless. Therefore, we recommend that you look for the reason behind the scholarship name and highlight the most positive aspects of it in your application. This will help the reviewers realize that you truly care, even for things that most people take for granted.

3) Be unique

Being unique never goes out of style.

It might sound like a cliché, but you need to remember that if you don´t customize your application in order to stand out and be perceived differently, you’ll just be a name or a number in a pile of applications. As long as you keep it respectful, do not be afraid of opening yourself up to them, so they truly get to know you and deem you as somebody worthy of being considered.

4)  Read (and make sure you get the instructions) before writing!

Complete your scholarship application in full. If there are questions that do not apply to you, note that on the application; do not leave any fields blank. Make sure to provide the data and information exactly as the university or company requires it from you and nothing other than that.

5) When writing your personal statement… Go straight to the point!

Write your scholarship application to the point
Stay true to the main objective of your text.

Not too little, neither too much, just in between to be fully balanced. Your scholarship essay should be concise, clear, and not too sentimental. Check that you are taking into consideration all the things expressed in the guidelines. Regardless of what you are writing, do not waver from the objective of your text. Being realistic is also a plus, but be careful that you don´t sound pretentious when talking about your accomplishments. For example, instead of saying “People have always loved me for my writing skills”, you could say “Writing has always been my strong point”.

6) Check how the others did it!

When I say ‘check others’ applications’, I definitely don’t mean copy them. However, you can definitely check the applications of the students who received their scholarships and ask them if they did anything differently. You can also ask them if they followed any specific tips that might help you as well. For example, some students add images in their essays. This is never a full-proof tactic because the image you add must be very relevant. But, if it’s the perfect fit it will certainly highlight the points added in your essay.

7) Go local before you go global

Check local scholarships for studying abroad
Make sure you apply to local scholarships that you’re eligible for before you apply to global ones.

There are of course hundreds of organizations worldwide that are willing to give you a scholarship. Some of them might be more famous than the others. Maybe that’s why you know about some famous Google scholarship but did you know that there are local charitable/social organizations that probably offer the same amount of scholarship?

Here’s the biggest thing you need to know: There are millions of applicants for that Google Scholarship. However, your local scholarship will definitely have lesser applications. This means that your chances of getting the same amount of scholarship money just went up. Simple, isn’t it?

8) Choose who will be your reference wisely!

This is as important as your personal statement. It is essential that the person who is going to recommend you is reliable and in a position of authority. Their testimony about you needs to be coherent and go hand in hand with what you say about yourself in your application.

9) Check, check, check!

Proofread and check you scholarship form before submitting
Proofread your application and content thoroughly before you send it!

Think before pressing the “Send” button. Proofread and check for typos or any other errors that could weaken your application, for it can mean the difference between advancing forward and losing it all. If you know the name of the reviewer you´re sending your application to, make sure you write it accurately; if it´s a company, do the same. Have some water, maybe wash your face to refresh your ideas and thoughts, take a deep breath in and then… Proofread thoroughly.

10) Apply to as many and do it before time!

There is never a limit on the number of scholarships you can apply for. I suggest you take full advantage of this opportunity and apply to the maximum number of scholarships that you are eligible for! All you have to do is find these scholarships beforehand and apply to them as soon as possible.

Like I’ve mentioned before, your scholarship application process will require research. Either you search through thousands of these scholarships and apply to the best ones yourself OR you go to experts like iSchoolConnect and let them help you find the best information.

iSchoolConnect not only helps you manage your education funding but also brings to you the possibility of getting in touch with many universities and companies overseas that look for people like you; people who are innovative, bold and ready to improve our world.  You can reach out to us on our website or call us on+91 22 62863000. So, what are you waiting for?

Make sure to check out our blog page and read about How to study abroad without breaking the bank and know more about your dream universities like MIT, Harvard, Boston University and so much more.

Akanksha Vora

Bright, bold, and bubbly, Akanksha Vora is a writer at iSchoolConnect. She writes creative and curious blogs that help students with their life and studies abroad.

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