highest paying student jobs in us, uk, canada and germany

Highest paying student jobs in US, UK, Canada, and Germany

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Are you looking to earn decent money from side jobs as an international student? We have curated a list of the 5 highest paying student jobs across popular education destinations like the US, UK, Canada and Germany. Take a look!

Living abroad can be a culturally enriching as well as a self-fulfilling journey for many. The US, UK, Canada, and Germany see large crowds of students pouring in every year. These students seek to enroll in universities for higher education and become global professionals in their fields. However, studying abroad comes with a cost and most students take up side jobs to sustain themselves. As an international student in any of the aforementioned countries, getting a job will not only help you with extra cash but also earn you some credible work experience.

When you are studying full time, you must get a job that doesn’t take much of your time and pays you well too. Keep reading to know about the 5 highest-paying student jobs in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany and you may find something that works for you!

Highest paying student jobs in Canada

1. Investor Relations

Investor Relations is quickly becoming a popular job for students in Canada. Companies want their representatives to be warm and outgoing when meeting clients and students seem to be the perfect fit! It is one of the highest-paying student jobs in Canada and you can expect to earn somewhere between $50 and $70 CAD an hour.

2. Dog Walker

Being a dog walker in Canada can pay you anything between $25 and $30 CAD an hour. If you are someone who has their way with dogs, then this is a great way for you to earn decent money without putting in as much effort and time. Being a dog walker gives you the freedom to take on as many clients and is quite remunerative since there’s no upper limit of how much you can earn.

3. Childcarer

As a childcarer or nanny in Canada, you can expect to earn around $35 CAD an hour, which is a decent wage for students. Like dog walking, babysitting is an easy way to make money, provided you have the patience to look after children. Again, there’s no cap on how much you can earn. It all depends on the number of clients you can take and the number of hours you plan to devote.

childcarer student jobs
A childcarer can renegotiate their pay scale as they gain more experience and take up multiple clients.

4. College Tutor

Since Canada has recently become a hub of higher education for international students, there is a significantly large population of students in the country. If you are exceptional at any particular subject, then you should put that skill to good use. You can begin coaching juniors or even students from other colleges. There’s no end to what you can earn because tutors are among the highest-paid professionals in Canada.

5. Ridesharing Driver

If you own a car in Canada, then becoming a ridesharing driver is a great option. You can sign up as a partner on ridesharing applications like Uber or Lyft and earn anywhere between $14 and $25 per hour. What’s more, you don’t even need a job application for this. Plus, you get to explore all that Canada has to offer as you make a living out of it! However, you will need to be above 21 years of age and have a driver’s license for this job.

Highest paying student jobs in the USA

1. Virtual Administrative Assistant

The job profile of an administrative assistant includes running the day-to-day tasks of a firm smoothly. These may include booking meetings, filing documents, making travel arrangements, answering emails and calls, and so on. It is also a popular freelancing job and you can expect to earn about $15-$16 an hour. You may also be required to handle social media handles and carry out research.

2. Freelance Writer/Editor

As a freelance writer or editor, you have the freedom to choose the kind and the number of projects you take on. Freelance writers create content for all kinds of mediums. And an editor proofreads and edits papers, thesis, books, and e-books. For both these jobs, you can sign up on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can expect to earn somewhere between $20 an hour to $85 an hour.

3. Research Assistant

freelance writer and editor - student jobs
Research assistants gain valuable work experience that can help build a strong profile for the future.

A research assistant is a great side job for science students. They research projects at the university or labs and are responsible for compiling their findings and preparing progress reports. As a research assistant, you can make up to $16 an hour.

4. App Tester

App testing is an interesting job for computer science students. As an app tester, you will need to perform manual and automated tasks on software applications to check if they function smoothly. You are also required to report any bugs and errors and give your clients proper feedback. App testers can easily make up to $34 an hour.

5. Tutor

Tutors, once again, are among the popular student jobs in the USA. One of the reasons for this is that you don’t need to apply anywhere for this job, as most of your clients will be your peers and colleagues from the university. Moreover, as a tutor, you can easily earn around $24 per hour in the USA.

Highest paying student jobs in the UK

1. Exam Invigilator

In the UK, being an exam invigilator at schools can be quite a profitable occupation for college students. However, it is not a regular job and is only available when the semester ends. But it is still one of the highest paying student jobs in the UK. As an exam invigilator in the UK, you get paid approximately £10 an hour.

2. Delivery Driver

The delivery driver gig is one of the most common student jobs in the UK. Whether you deliver Amazon orders or food for a food delivery service, it will pay you a standard £10 an hour. If you’re looking to relocate to the UK, then this can be a beginner’s job for you.

3. Care Assistant

Care assistants help clients with immediate needs like washing, dressing, and maintaining hygiene.

The job of a care assistant is in high demand in the UK and can easily pay you over £9 an hour. If you are someone who is patient, compassionate and empathetic, then you are the right fit for this job. Care assistants mainly look after old people and use this job to gain credible work experience if they are looking to build a career in medicine.

4. Administrator

While working as an administrator, you’ll have to deal with regular office work as well as maintain office accounts. You will be responsible for taking phone calls, filing documents, sending emails, etc. To do this job well, you need to have organizational and communication skills and you can expect to earn up to £12 an hour.

5. Tutor

The most lucrative skill as a student is your knowledge of something and your ability to pass it on. Tutors are a great side job for students because they help you get better at something you are already good at. You can tutor your peers, juniors, or even take up lessons with school students. As a tutor in the UK, you can make up to £19 to £40 an hour, depending on your experience and expertise.

Highest paying student jobs in Germany

1. Language Tutor

If you are proficient in English or any other language, you can easily earn €15 an hour as a language tutor in Germany. You can help your peers, get tutor jobs at a school, and can even be hired by local companies.

2. Babysitter

Babysitting is the perfect way to make easy money as a student. You can get paid up to €15 an hour simply playing with and looking after kids. Over time as you gain experience you can also renegotiate your rates and make as much as €20-€25 an hour.

3. Call Center Officer

As a call center officer, you will have the freedom to work according to your schedule. The job requires you to analyze customer complaints and manage them. A good grasp of German is required for the job and you need to have interpersonal skills as well. Your remuneration is somewhere between €15 an hour.

4. Field Interviewer

Field interviewers need to have the ability to talk to people and be patient.

Market research is something that most companies indulge in, and for this, they usually need the services of a field interviewer. In Germany, you can earn around €20 an hour for this job.

5. Office Assistant

The average salary of an office assistant in Germany starts from €12 an hour, but there is always a chance of earning more depending on how well you do your work. An office assistant looks after all the administrative tasks, from handling phone calls to managing meetings and filing documents.

How to look for a job?

Here’s how-

  1. Before you look for jobs, you should check in with permits and guidelines at your university and the government. These include the kind of jobs you can take up and how many hours you are allowed to work for.
    For instance, you may not be allowed to work as a freelancer in Germany if you are an international student from outside the EU. Some countries also incur taxes on student jobs above a certain pay scale. You should also keep in mind that volunteer work and unpaid jobs also get counted in your weekly work hours.
  2. To find good job options, your first move should be to check your university and student union websites. Universities often have on-campus jobs, especially for freshers.
  3. Be sure to check notice boards and hallways for any vacancies. You can easily find opportunities for a research assistant, tutor, or even librarian at various local organizations at your university.
  4. If you are looking for a job outside the university, then first check out student work services or any kind of job agency that caters to students.
  5. You can also visit the Federal Employment Agency in your city or you can sign up for freelance gigs on sites like Upwork or Fiverr if you are allowed to do so.

Until next time! Happy job hunting!

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