Top 5 Scholarships in the USA you must know about!

Scholarships in the USA | 5 amazing options to choose from!

There are several scholarships available for students who want to do their bachelors or masters in the USA. But not everyone knows how to find these scholarships or apply for them. We are here to help. Studying abroad is often the dream of many students and for a good reason. Countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. offer quality education, a plethora of employment opportunities, and an enviable lifestyle to international ...

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iSchoolConnect Scholarship

iSchoolConnect Scholarship | Scholarships for International Students

The iSchoolConnect Scholarship allows countless students across the globe to fulfill their study abroad dreams without worrying about their finances. Read on to know about the scholarship eligibility, details, registration, & more. Your search for study abroad scholarships ends here. The iSchoolConnect Scholarship is providing exemplary students the opportunity to study abroad and broaden their knowledge. A humble contribution that took seed in the mind of our CEO, Ashish Fernando, the ...

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