How to do MS in USA | The ultimate 10 step guide

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The United States is the ultimate hub for students interested in higher education. It is home to top-ranking universities and offers amazing opportunities to all international students. If you want to get there, start with this step-by-step guide on how to do MS in USA!

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When it comes to studying abroad, everyone wants the best of the best. The US is home to some of the leading universities in the world and offers amazing career and growth opportunities to international students. Many people find it attractive to study in the USA, especially because of its welcoming community, research-based curriculum, and laid back visa policies. But as amazing as all of this sounds, it’s not easy to figure out how to do your MS in USA. It’s a lengthy and time-consuming process, and it can go wrong if you’re not being careful. To nail your application process for doing MS in USA, follow all the points in this blog step-by-step. It will take you a long way ahead.

1) Choosing Universities

First of all, see which university is best for the program you’re interested in. Then, prepare a list of universities accordingly, choosing universities you will be able to afford and want to go to. 

Divide this list into three categories-

Two ‘Dream schools’ – These should be schools with a rank higher than what you might expect to get into. You never know – if luck is on your side or if you underestimated your worth, you might actually get accepted!

Two ‘Within Reach’ schools – These are the schools where you might have a fair chance of getting in. Pay extra attention to detail on your applications to these schools. Thoroughly research and pick these ones.

Two ‘Guaranteed Accept’ schools – This can be a lower-tier school that you have almost a 90-95% chance of getting in. This option is for students who are desperate to start a school year when they apply. We recommend that if you don’t get through your dream school or ‘within reach’ school, you might actually benefit from waiting another year.

I suggest you do this at least 12 months before you want to take admission. The majority of the programs start in the fall season, but many start in spring and summer too. So keep that in mind.

2) Eligibility

Now, this is a very important step. Before beginning with the application process for a university, check the requirements for pursuing an MS degree over there. Universities usually ask for 16 years of education and for you to pass their standardized test commonly. They may ask you to pass any of the following, depending on your convenience and your wish to do an MS or an MBA.

Other eligibility criteria may include your academic scores on a 4.0 GPA scale and that you finish a few courses related to the program beforehand.

3) Keep Track of Deadlines

US university application deadlines for international students
Always be aware of the US university application deadlines for international students

While you’re researching and shortlisting colleges, make sure to check the admission deadlines of all the universities you choose. Deadlines vary from program to program and university to university.

With these dates in hand, you can easily draw yourself a timeline and start working accordingly.

4) List of Exams and Scores

Collate the list of exams and scores required to apply for MS in USA
Be aware of the scores required to get into your desired university.

Decide which exams you want to give to qualify for admission to your desired university. There might be a compulsion to give any of the tests mentioned above to qualify for admission to the university you are applying for. Know the scores you are expected to have in order to apply.

Start preparing for the test and book your exam date for at least 9 months before you have to fly.

5) Strengthen Your Portfolio

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You need to ensure that you have a very strong application. Your academic transcripts are not enough. You have to provide proof that you participated in extracurricular activities and/or volunteered for some social or community work. Always get a 3rd person opinion on your portfolio to receive some constructive feedback.

6) Statement Of Purpose

Draft a well-written SOP for your MS in USA application
A lot of people have the same grades. Your SOP is what makes or breaks you.

Start by understanding what an SOP is and learn how to write a powerful Statement of Purpose. Come up with a good reason as to why you want to take admission in a particular university for a particular program. Mention it in your SOP, while also highlighting your goals and ambitions. Your SOP should be clear, concise, and convincing.

7) Letter Of Recommendation

The LOR supports your application and makes it stronger by shedding light on your personality from a third person’s point of view. Universities usually ask for 2 to 3 letters of recommendation. You may ask your professors or employers to write a LOR for you.

8) Essays and Resume

Draft well-written essays and resume for your MS in USA application
Your scores are just a part of your profile, an essay demonstrates the depth of your knowledge.

Make sure you take a look at the essays you need to submit and also update your resume if the university has asked for it. The more well-drafted essays you submit, the better are your chances of being noticed by the evaluators.

9) Apply

Go to the school’s website and start your application process. Fill in all your basic profile information, submit your admission test scores, etc. Look for any additional information requested by the school in your application.

There is a chance that they might inform you of a possible scholarship opportunity or even suggest any new programs that might be of interest.

10) Wait for an admit

This can get tedious at times. Schools do not follow standard practice in responding to your applications. Sometimes they might respond within a week and sometimes it could take up to 2 months.

You need to be patient and check the status of your application regularly. Schools close admission decisions in waves. It might help to know which wave of admissions you fall in.

Next steps

Now that you have prepared everything you need for your application and know how to do MS in USA, start applying and then wait for the offer letters that are sure to roll in.

Once you have those, you can pick and choose the university you want to go to, get your I20, and start your US student visa application process.

From there, you’ll be only 3 months away from flying to the US!

And in case you feel like we have missed out on anything about how to do your MS in USA, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to us. We would be very happy to help!

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