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10 work from home jobs for experienced people

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Work cultures across the world underwent a complete revamp during the pandemic. People were forced to work and communicate completely online. Here are 10 work from home jobs for experienced individuals who want to continue to be location independent.

The pandemic in 2020 changed the way the world functions. One of the most highly affected areas during this time was the job industry. All companies – private and public – were forced to continue their operations online. Hence, the prevalence of work from home jobs witnessed an increase. Gig economy did exist before the pandemic, but it has certainly grown manifolds with more and more individuals seeking to work on their own terms. Read on to know all about the best work from home jobs for those looking to work independently.

1. Writing

Writing jobs are among the most popular and lucrative jobs for experienced professionals. With the increasing use of digital workspaces and the shift of work to an online module, writing jobs are best done from home. You can either work as a part-time writer or take up work on a contract basis as a freelancer. Writing jobs can include research-based writing, blog posts, copywriting, content writing, ghostwriting, and even freelance writing news articles. These jobs usually pay about $10 to $50 per hour based on your experience and the assignment.

2. Translator 

Translator jobs have a wide scope and are one of the best work from home jobs for professionals with a linguistic background. Translators can work from home for various projects that may involve translations for the education sector, corporations, and the field of media & entertainment. As a translator, you can also find work with the government across different sectors. Translators working from home can make up to $10 to $39 per hour depending on their experience.

3. Website Developer 

web developer - work from home jobs
Web developers are high in demand since almost every venture requires an online presence today.

Website developers are in high demand with the rise of the internet as a platform for major business operations. As a developer, you build and maintain websites for upcoming or already existing companies. This also includes taking care of any technical concerns regarding layout, design, and the overall health of the website. You need to be well versed with various computer frameworks and languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The average hourly pay for website developers is about $19 to $62.

4. Content Creator 

As a content creator, you are hired for projects by various organizations that are looking for innovative ways to market their products to people. Content has become the major driving force behind marketing and all companies are hopping on this bandwagon. As a content creator, you can earn by creating original or sponsored content. This gig will pay you up to $25 an hour on average.

5. Data Entry 

Data Entry jobs are one of the most common and easy to get work from home jobs. If you are someone who is new to the job industry, you can certainly gain some experience working online through a data entry job. This job, however, requires you to dedicate certain hours of work and can be a bit mundane. Your tasks majorly revolve around making entries of customer data within a specified time limit. You also have to review the data and check for errors in entries. The average pay for a data entry job is about $15 an hour.

6. Animator 

animator - work from home jobs
As an animator, you also need to invest in the proper software and equipment to do your best job.

Animation is among the most versatile skills and these professionals are hired by a variety of clientele. Companies often need animators to create interactive visuals for their campaigns. They may also be hired by musicians or content creators as well as film directors! The average pay for an animator starting to work from home is $15 to $33 per hour. The pay can increase depending on the project and level of experience.

7. Accountant

With most transactions being done online, it becomes hard to keep track of how any company is managing its finances. Therefore, accountants are needed to maintain reports on all transactions. Accountants handle the accounts of various organizations and efficiently help them manage their finances. It requires organizational skills along with the ability to handle finances. A work from home accountant can make up to $3708 to $8333 per month on average! 

8. Teaching

Online teaching jobs are a great option for experienced educators. The field of education has seen a great shift since the pandemic. Along with regular teaching moving online, there is also a rise of edutainment applications, which have become a good source of employment. Work from home teaching jobs can include teaching students who enroll in online courses, tutoring school students, and creating pre-recorded classes. The average salary for work from home teachers is $9 to $23 per hour.

9. Social Media Marketer 

Social media marketing is one of the most in-demand jobs in 2021. Every company is investing in it. Marketing professionals who are adept at social media management are the need of the hour. Social media marketers help organizations market their products online in interactive and innovative ways. This job requires networking and handling a multitude of tasks in one go. The starting pay for social media marketers is $15.97 an hour. However, it can go up to $1072 a week.

10. Graphic Designer

graphic designer
Find your niche in designing and take up projects that are in line with your artistic expression.

Graphic designers are a major part of marketing. Almost every company needs graphic designers to create visuals and designs that clearly communicate their message to the audience. Designers do not need to work from office space to get their work across. Freelance designers often take up part-time work or work on a contract basis. However, as a graphic designer, you need to design products based on their client’s needs while incorporating their own creative inputs. The average pay for designers is $23.21 in an hour.  

A few things to keep in mind

  • When you join a work from home position at any company, be clear about the work timings and the requirements that the company demands of you. Figure out exactly what the job needs so that you can schedule your working hours accordingly.
  • Working from home is comfortable, yet at the same time requires steadfast discipline. Since you are in charge of your own time, you need to make sure you manage it wisely.
  • Be sure to set up a dedicated workspace at home. By doing this, you prepare yourself mentally to focus on what you are doing.
  • Lastly, invest in a good internet connection. Since all your work is online, you need to be equipped with the all the resources you need to work smoothly.


1. How can one get a work from home job? 

Most work from home jobs can be found online on job search websites, or even the recruitment pages of company websites. Many companies also offer work from home positions to the employees that they hire. 

3. What are the best work from home jobs? 

Work from home jobs that employ experienced professionals in their respective fields are great jobs. Some of the highest-paid work from home jobs can include content writing, accounting, digital marketing, designing, etc. 

4. Do work from home jobs pay as much as regular jobs?  

Payment usually depends on the position and the company where one works. However, work from home jobs do pay as much as regular jobs. It is even possible to earn more working from home because you save on overhead costs like travelling and eating outside.

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